Sunday, January 01, 2006

War on Christmas: Lest We Forget...

Here are some graphic scenes from Bill O' Reilly's
"War on Christmas."

Grim stuff, I know... But to put it in perspective,
here's a picture from the last time someone insisted
there was a "War on Christmas", which ended up being
more a War on Hanukkah:

Or in Rwanda, where men on the radio
started saying there was a "War on Hutus"
and close to a million Tutsis lost their lives.

And let's not forget what happened during
the "War on Christmas" they had in Spain
back in the 15th century.

In other words, Fuck You Bill O'Reilly. Fuck you
and everyone else who ever used fake religious
persecution to further their political agenda.
We've seen your type before.

While there's nothing I can do to stop you, I'd like to die knowing I'd made your miserable little life at least a little more miserable. Towards that end I'd like to announce "Operation Harrasturbator", my humble effort to officially add a word to the English Language and help make sure that Bill O'Reilly gets the legacy he deserves.


Stop Christmas! said...

We all know what "Santorum" means now. I think we should think of something equally nasty to rename "O'Reilly". Hmmmmmmmm....

Anonymous said...

How can you ignore the numerous stories all over the nation. O'Reilly wasn't the first to comment on the "War on Christmas". How can you honestly deny something wasn't wrong when stores were completely ridding of the traditional words, "Merry Christmas". Something had to be done. And it was. And now it's all over. Move on

Anonymous said...

come on, this war on christmas stuff has been rehashed for decades; it's not new and it's certainly not over! the religious zealots drag out the same tired "war on christmas" hate rhetoric and it's a lot of bunk. o'reilly wasn't the first and he won't be the last but here sure as hell beats it to death. from a christian who's disgusted with religious zealotry and subterfuge

Nutmeg5 said...

Calling it a "War on Xmas" cheapens what "war" really is. People die in wars. Bill O'Reilly is too busy harrassing female staff to understand that wars kill people; our own children. Saying something like "Happy Holidays" is benign and a red herring. Wish Bill would express outrage at things that actually harm people, like sexual harrassment of underlings while you're a big wig egomanical right wing talk show host whom people have to work for.

Anonymous said...

For goodness sake...who cares what O'Reilly says..No-one with an IQ over 80 watches fox news anyhow.

canadian sadie said...

The problem, Anonymous, is that the vast majority of people who watch O'Reilly's show and listen to his comments do not have an IQ over 80. They're watching FOX, for goodness' Sake!

Daniel said...

No, the problem is that the vast majority of people who watch O'Reilly make up a near-majority of people who inhabit the most powerful country on the planet.

EpicureanQuaker said...

How can you honestly deny something wasn't wrong when stores were completely ridding of the traditional words, "Merry Christmas". Something had to be done. And it was. And now it's all over.

Wait, what exactly was done? A bellicose fool droned on about this horrific slight, while hawking Christmas ornaments emblazoned with the words 'Happy Holidays?' Beyond the realm of rhetoric, O'Reilly recognizes that pandering to Christian fundamentalists isn't really good for the bottom line, since a good deal of the most earnest religion-on-sleeve folks aren't that crucial 18-30 demographic. Sorry, but in America, where marketing and religion collide, the latter always loses. So I'll assume your 'and now its all over' statement was a recognition of O'Reilly's bitter failure on behalf of religious posturing, amirite?

Also, there are much more integral elements of Christianity that fall under the 'traditional' moniker that are completely ignored by the pseudo-zealots. Let's be honest, the 'War on Easter' diatribe by O'Reilly was tepid at best, as he secretly knows that the imagery tied into that event isn't palatable in a retail environment. Howevr,the importance of the Virgin Birth pales next to that of the Crucifixion, so that seems rather hypocritical. Guess 'cause there's less sawbucks being thrown around during Easter, its religious import is somehow lessened?

P.S. - What's with Blogger's War on Blockquotes? Lame.