Thursday, January 19, 2006

Bad News for Bush

This sign's been up now for over a week.
In Houston.

Lots more to be found here:


CARRIE said...

Shelley talked to me yesterday about what happened. were still fish friends for life, right? ok, well i'll call you tonight unless professor mcgorgan gives me another project. haha rememeber the camel string. that was so funny. i love ya

High Power Rocketry said...

I agree! :)


Anonymous said...

Interesting. It seems you a very cynical approach to Amereican politics. Have ever that being an "armchair pundint?"

Here is my blog Blogger Bits.

Where did you find these pictures?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Pontiac, Michigan! Woot, woot!

Anonymous said...

Love seeing two of my kids in the first pic with children on the extra link. Love freeway blogging with my children. Love freeway blogging period. Thanks for the inspiration, Scarlet! I'm doing some more freeway blogging (with the kids again) this weekend, not too far from the nation's capital.

- Pamela