Saturday, January 14, 2006

Arsenal of Democracy: The Bungee Cord

Long bungee cord wrapped around pole.

Standard mounting technique.

I usually buy bungees at 99 cent stores for six, sometimes eight for a dollar: well worth it. The reason I use bungees and duct tape on fencing as opposed to zipties is simple: posting takes ten seconds instead of a minute or more. Simply place the sign against the fence, stretch the bungee across the back, duct tape the corners and you're gone. The speed of posting eliminates the need for getting up at four in the morning to do it... broad daylight's just fine. Long bungees work well for large signs or wrapping around posts like the one above: wrap the cord around the post, fasten the ends together and slide the cardboard underneath. You're done.


Nichole Sidhe said...

Ingenious! That will cut time in half at least. Good idea.

- Nichole

JBlue said...

Just de-lurking to say I really enjoy this site.

Abhishek Upadhyay said...

That was really good idea man.
You are very creative. Keep it up.

Jeannie said...

Thank God you are the minority. Read the Butler Report before spreading your lies. When the Liberal MSM tells you that Bush is an alien from outer space, you'll be repeating it too. You Libs are a laugh.

tomtom said...

You are without a doubt the dumbest person on the web keep it up moron

wamland said...


On January 5, 2006, Congressman Murtha held a town hall meeting with Cong. Jim Moran (D-VA 08).

The soldier who asked the first question served in Afghanistan and said that morale among troops is high and that he would gladly serve in Iraq today. His comment was the only one replayed by Fox News the next day.

But the majority of soldiers in attendance spoke out against the current policy. Fox News did not broadcast their remarks.

Here are some excerpts.

John Brumes, Infantry Sgt. US Army:

Everything that the Bush Adminstration told us about that mission in Iraq is absolutely incorrect. Furthermore, I'd like to say ... I came home to no job, no health insurance. Until we take care of this war, we can't take care of the problems that matter like health care.

I've witnessed both ends... Congressman Murtha, I implore you to keep doing what you're doing.

John Powers, Capt. 1st Armored Division, served 12 months in Iraq:

The thing that hits me the most is the accountability. ... Where is the accountability for those men [who took us to war], as well as where is the accountability for Paul Bremmer, who misplaced millions of dollars and claims to keep accountability in the war zone?... I know that if we lost $500 we would be court marshaled. So where is the accountability for this leadership?

Garin Reppenhagen, served as a sniper in Iraq for a year in the First Infantry Division:

My question is also about accountability. The soldiers that you see, Congressman Murtha, at the hospitals... those are my friends. After coming back, being a veteran, my question is why? Why did we go to this war, why the hell did it happen, why are we in this condition. A lot of soldiers are debating whether this war was fraudulent to begin with. And there doesn't seem to be a clear answer. A lot of Americans now are debating the fact over whether or not the war was fraudulent in the first place. How come there hasn't been an investigation on the fraudulent lead up to the war by this Administration?

and a comment:

I don't reject your claim that most of the troops on the ground believe in the validity of what they're doing. It's virtually impossible, from a psychological standpoint, to be engaging in what they're doing day-in-and-day-out without believing in the cause. I wouldn't be surprised, however, if upon their return they come to feel very differently. As a physician who cares for veterans every day in the VA system, I hear the vets condemning this war by a 4-to-1 ratio.


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Love, Rita said...

RE: The War is a Lie

I agree, that we as Americans were lied to in a big way.

We were told there were WMD's (there were none). Then it became our goal to remove Saddam Hussein (done), which I believe was our primary goal all along. We have done the right thing, for the wrong reason, but what's done is done.

My question is: "Why are we still there????" We have toppled the Hussein regime, but we absolutely cannot force democracy on a population that doesn't want it! They know nothing about freedom and fairness. For many centuries, their politico-religious factions have been killing each other for power. Who are we to tell them they can't do it this way, anymore??

If they want another dictator, let them have it.

I love your freeway blogging! I wish I'd thought of it!

wtheproblem said...

If FreewayBlogger is the "dumbest" person on the web", why do you tune in ? Dosn't that make the FreewayBlogger the second dumbest person on the web? Believe me, I'm far to busy FreewayBlogging to worry about what the critics say. Instead of worrying about us, why not spend some time with your family, maybe go kill something.

PTCruiser said...

LOL, the only reason I got up at 4:00AM was because I was worried that my signs would get ripped down if I put them up sooner. What am I, the poster boy for getting up too early? I really wanted to hit the morning commute on Monday. I just never took into account the laziness of the average American. Even if they ARE insulted by my signs, they're too damn busy or lazy to take them down. I still have one up in Daly City, one whole week later. WOOHOO!
And thanks for the tip. I was wondering where I was going to get bungee cords cheap. I've got fresh targets now and most of them don't involve overpasses. Found a really sweet spot near Candlestick Park. I'll let you know how it goes.

stefan said...

Very practical!

Anonymous said...

Saw one on 580 East going into Oakland. Made my day!