Friday, January 06, 2006

Highway Safety Vest: The Cloak of Power

This casual but eye-catching little accessory is a must for the serious freewayblogger. By simply adding a highway safety vest to your ensemble you immediately change your roadside persona from "suspicious character" to "authority figure"... or at least "person-doing-their-job."

Especially to people moving at sixty miles an hour, a person wearing a safety vest putting up a sign looks exactly like a person who's taking one down.

You can pick one up at an outdoors or sporting goods store for a couple of bucks.


Anonymous said...

Yea to Freeway blogging! True Democracy in action; especially since all we're allowed to express publicly is aquiescence to the poppy fields of consumerism.
Go shopping, that's the answer! Anything else is treason!

Ghostgrrrl said...

I LOVE it! Freeway blogging. I'm ON it! I'll take care of the Arzona freeways.

Granny said...

Hello from Merced. If you ever get out our way, I'd like to meet you.

You can find me at (political) or (family)

Granny said...

blogstop? I need to focus. Should be

too much typing - it writes like Fox in socks sounds.

Roberto said...

Also the jackets mean cars are less likely to come flying off the road and crush you into a messy bleeding thing.

Anonymous said...

You are crazy.

Anonymous said... are a liar then. Impersonating people who put their lives at risk every day to make our freeways a better place. least you admit it, but it doesn't make you any less of an idiot.

LFB_UK *The Legend* said...

Keep up the good work, you do have supporters in the UK. we all can help rid our respective countries of the liars!

Anonymous said...

this is so cool how someone does this.. keep up with this crazy thing you have done
youre doing great and you are right