Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Impeachment Nation

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Anonymous said...

Impeach ? You are confused with the last Administration . Clinton actually was impeached . You are free today dumbass because of the sacrifice made by those much more honorable than you could ever be . Do you think you would be able to post your signs under an Islamic form of governemnt ? Get a job and a life , liberal twit !

Anonymous said...

Rock On!

What a great idea.

ann marie simard said...

Hey! I like, I need your work! I doubt the anonymous realizes it is important work socially and culturally, or it is the US that will become a fragile state. Struggle art. I'm afraid that too many will soon be afraid to speak up or to say ANYTHING. Glad you are not. Here in the Bush-bashing nation Canuckistan we agree with you. We are becoming infamous for that with all the press.

Your biggest fan