Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Some Signs I Put Up Today

I've decided to start putting American flags on my signs. I think this will help people understand the motivation behind them.

Adding a flag to my signs accomplishes several things at once: 1) it reminds both drivers and law enforcement officials that these signs are patriotic displays and absolutely legal... as legal as all those flags that went up after September 11th.

2) It tricks conservatives, (who think that they own the flag,) into thinking it must have been a fellow conservative who put the signs up. Theoretically this should help them stay up longer. I'll let you know.
3) It might help liberals, both on the road and reading this blog, understand that impeachment, or free speech for that matter, is not a partisan issue: they're what the founding fathers gave us to save this country.

4) I think it looks damn good.

These signs went up this afternoon on the 101 between San Anselmo and Petaluma. It took me a little over two hours to post them and it was nearly impossible to drive in either direction without seeing at least one of them.
The difference between seeing one sign and none at all is the difference between protest and silence.

USA - 837
FB - 604


frankoanderson said...

Where do you get the flags from? Is it a stencil or one of those plastic ones?

Freewayblogger said...

99 cent store: got about 80 flags of all sizes for under $20 bucks.

Nothin' says "freedom" like Chinese prison labor...

Psychomikeo said...

Nothinf says I'm an american than a flag made in China. I was wondering if there were any flags left as so many sheeple are using them as blinders