Monday, August 03, 2020

You. Should. Be. Fucking. Angry.

Guy From Italy on Reddit Puts It Well

Italian here. so sad to look back to a comment I made 4 months ago.

The relevant part:

Dr Fauci seems to know what he's doing, and his comments about reopening the economy only when you have the tools to face the crisis are reassuring I guess. Even by doing everything possible now, 100.000-200.000 deaths are expected. It’s really sad. [...]

I understand that you have a different culture. The whole discussion about Universal Healthcare is simply absurd to me. But don't think that we're feeling much better: we have to be inside our houses unless it's for emergency, food or if your job is essential. Groceries stores are letting people in in small numbers. If you are caught outside without a good reason, there are fines and jail (only on paper, it doesn't happen). It's hard AF, and it's not pleasant. But it's the only effective way to control the spreading of the virus, and it's my responsability as a member of this society to respect the rules and avoid the genocide of grandmothers. We love grandmothers.

If enforcing it by law is the only way to get people to actually do it, so be it.

What you’re doing right now is an half assed solution that risks to accomplish two things: (a) not solve the problem (b) have a big impact on the economy anyway.

Allowing people to meet in groups not larger than 10 is absurd. People shouldn't meet, at all. Think of 1 infected asymptomatic person dining with 9 others. Let's say they will infect 4 of them. The grow is exponential, meaning that each of those 4 will infect other 4. In a couple of days, just for that dinner, 21 people are infected. Those 21 people will possibly infect 84 others. 84 becomes 336. 336 becomes 1344. And so on. You see where it's going.

Same goes for allowing people to work and go out if they don't have symptoms. Imagine how many people you could infect in 14 days before symptoms show up.

It’s irresponsible, antiscientific and doesn’t make any sense.


That said, I see the US situation as particularly problematic, as the measure that are taking place are lacking, contradictory and half assed.

I’m not a doctor, an expert or anything. If an average non expert guy from italy could see it coming, how the fuck your government can claim otherwise?

It was largely predictable and preventable. There’s no excuse.

You. should. be. fucking. angry.