Saturday, May 30, 2009

Los Angeles

A friendly reminder to the Pasadena Freeway
Update: This sign stayed up for six days over an average of 82,000 cars per day (110 @ Stadium Way, divide by two.) It was eighteen feet long and took less than a minute to post.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Freewayblogging Republican Style

Scarlet, You should put up some signs like these.


Dear El_Khem, Thanks for the tip. I mailed a link to to Mr. Farah so if he really wants to get the message out, he'll know what to do.

Unfortunately, like most of the controversies surrounding Barack Hussein Obama, his lack of a valid U.S. birth certificate didn't seem to gain much traction among voters, proving that Americans would rather have a Foreign-Born Black Muslim Terrorist Sympathizer as their President than another Republican. For the time being I'm afraid you'll just have to add "Americans" to "Republicans" and "White People" on the list of groups that the Bush presidency has politically destroyed.

Thanks for keeping me posted on this billboard campaign: I love the thought of y'all having to pony up 25,000 dollars for something a single patriot could accomplish on a slow afternoon.
Yours, Scarlet