Wednesday, April 29, 2009

100 Days

(Picture Photoshopped)
Although I'm taking heat for it, I'm calling it at 100 days: Best. President. Ever. Here's why: I wasn't around for the first 35 or so, and while I've heard great things about Presidents Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln etc, it's all been pretty much passed along through middlemen such as history books, documentaries and the like, and none of them have really offered the kind of real time as-it-happens accounting I've gotten from the presidencies that have occurred during my lifetime. I was too young to appreciate Kennedy while he was around, and as for Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Reagan, the Bushes and Clinton, well, I'm sticking with Obama. So far everything he's said, done and, most important, the style with which he's said and done them has earned my unwavering political allegiance and vote for Best President Ever.

Friends on both the right and left have pointed out that this is a radical departure from the sort of high-minded critical thinking we've all come to expect from the Freewayblogger brain trust, and to them I say "Damn Right." I look at Obama as being a sort of Reagan for Liberals. It doesn't matter what he says or does or what mistakes he makes along the way, I'm standing behind him 100%. Just like Reagan created huge deficeits, sold anti-aircraft missiles to the Iranians, supported apartheid and helped the rivers of Central America run red with the blood of the campesinos without his supporters so much as blinking an eye, I'm prepared to offer the same to Obama: reason, common sense or even outcome be damned. To my friends on the right it's called "Your Own Medecine" Let me know how it tastes.

(Note, this stance becomes null and void at such a time it can be reasonably determined that Obama has baked a cake for the Ayatollah of Iran: that's where I draw the line.)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

1.6 Mile Wallblogging

This letter is currently being painted by Palestinian activists along the dividing wall in the West Bank. When finished it's expected to be 1.6 miles long, a record for political semiotics.
It should be noted that Israel was one of the major arms suppliers to Apartheid South Africa