Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Miracle of Cardboard

A gentleman sent in this picture of a blog he saw last weekend outside of Yuma, Arizona. Although it certainly looked like one of mine, it'd been so long since I'd been out there it seemed impossible. I started going through the archives and sure enough, there it was.

Although theoretically it's possible the blog may have come down or been taken down and replaced any number of times since last June, it's doubtful: someone would've torn it up or taken it away. Incredible as it seems, the most likely scenario is that that sign's been sitting right next to Interstate 8 strapped to a haybale with a single bungee cord for the past 11 months. Amazing.

I have no idea how many people have seen that sign, but I can tell you this - they were doing about 70 when they did and apparently none of them felt like stopping. Or, for that matter, driving ten miles to the next exit, turning around and going back.

I can't emphasize this enough: cardboard, painted white, is practically indestructable. Put a little thought into where you place it and your message will be read for a long, long time.

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