Thursday, May 10, 2007

Letter from Massachusetts

Alone I can't, but together We can.

So how long do I have to read independent (non-corporate-sponsored) media before I get off my duff and try to add something back to a ...dialogue, the ongoing, growing conversation which 'democracies' are supposed to be? Too long, I suppose, to get over the "I'm not a qualified expert" myth. Hint: 'qualified experts' lie for the highest bidder. (visit

Every journey begins with a first step, and the Joy is IN the Journey. Everyone has two ears and one mouth and hopefully an ability to use them in that ratio. This does imply some listening and thinking before speaking, but I am all out of balance if I never, ever, speak! (or paint, draw, march, protest, petition, organize, dance, sing... every behavior is a way of communicating).

But what difference will I make? I am just a drop in the ocean!

Ever performed a titration curve in chemistry? The pH of the entire flask changes from strong acid to base with one drop, and you never can predict exactly which drop it will be. My words and actions - my life- is just a drop, but it is still MY drop and I live with the memories of what I shared with others.

As for risks - hey, I'll admit I'm chicken - I posted under cover of darkness around 4 a.m. The first set of headlights I saw were not cops, and neither was the 2nd, or 10th, and after posting around 15 signs I stopped worrying. Well, time to find the next event to join in at
Peace, Ken

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frankoanderson said...


You are a true foot soldier. I love the quote,
"Everyone has two ears and one mouth and hopefully an ability to use them in that ratio."

Thanks for getting involved.

Psychomikeo said...

I hope to find some flags with gold fringe on them. Nice work