Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Letter From Atlanta

Like many of you reading this, I just stood on the sidelines and watched.
Oh, I cheered: “We’re all wearing the blue dress now.” was an early favorite.

Where would I find the cardboard? Where can I find a projector? When do I have time to do it? What if I got caught? I had every excuse. I had good intentions, but just couldn’t commit to doing one.

So the war dragged on, Halliburton got no-bid contracts, troops kept dying, Mission Accomplished, Duke Cunningham, Tom Delay, Terri Schiavo, Abu Ghraib... How many straws would it take to break the camel’s back?

So I took a piece of plywood that had been in my basement, about 20 by 30 inches. I had some white ceiling paint. And bought a small tube of black acrylic paint. For good penmanship, I bought a 50 cent foam brush and painted three little words –


I drilled two holes, and attached fishing line. On a cool March evening last year, I hung it from a fence onto a concrete wall that overlooked I-85. It stayed up there for three weeks.

Man it was fun driving by and seeing that thing...

Oh, I was sweating bullets when I put it up! What seemed like hours actually only took about 2 minutes.

If you don’t do it, who will? Imagine how cool it would be to see pics from every town and city in the country... Imagine being able to show the world that at least we're trying.

If putting up a sign in public seems too radical, or might make you feel silly somehow (And let's face it, when I think back on all my excuses they really all boiled down to just that: fear of looking foolish...) consider all the people who've died for the right to do this... just to be able to put up a sign.

Cardboard. Paint. Your Message. It’s that easy.


Anonymous said...

That's some kickass freeway blogging. BLOG ON!!!!

PTCruiser said...

There's no way I could've put it better myself.

Anonymous said...

You can get anything you want at Alice's Restaurant

You can get anything you want at Alice's Restaurant

Walk right in it's around the back

Just a half a mile from the railroad track

You can get anything you want at Alice's Restaurant

Now, sing it with me!

Anonymous said...

Wow. LOVE these. I need me a duhbya stencil...!
These are awesome.

frankoanderson said...

Beautiful. I definitely also need one of those Bush stencils.

Public Takeover said...

How do you do the face stencil?

I've been using drycleaner shirt cardboards and black duct tape.

I could really use an upgrade like the sillouhuette or whatever that is.

Anonymous said...

Here's how it's done -

Visit on the internets -

Print out the image.

On a piece of clear plastic, trace the outline.

Purchase an overhead projector off ebay ($26 including shipping)

Blow it up and draw it out.

It can be painted in 20 minutes.

To do a real stencil, blow up the image to the size you want. (Kinkos can do it)

(Use heavy cardstock or mount image on heavy poster board)

Use Xacto knife to cut out.

Place and spray it on.

Once a stencil is cut out, you can paint it in about 8 seconds. :)

But follow Scarlet's lead - put it on a surface and then hang it. Graffiti is vandalism. And illegal.

Psychomikeo said...

This really brings a tear to my eye. FREE cardboard & cheap paint, I you to can become CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS,& fox...ok ok not fox We have truth on our side.

Anonymous said...

Keep on Keepin On!

Anonymous said...

Projector for $26 including shipping?

I have been looking on ebay but all the ones I've seen have been like $25 JUST for the shipping. Then another $20+ for the projector.

Oh wait.. I bet I know the difference...I've been looking at the ones that come in a case because I don't have the space for a big machine.