Saturday, September 30, 2006

George W. Bush: Comedian


Anonymous said...

Sparky Surfs!

Recently my wife had to reprimand an unsupervised seven-year-old at the park for destroying our five-year-old's sandcastle. She felt bad about coming down on some stranger's kid and was talking about it with another mom. The other mom said something brilliant: "It's not OK to not say it's not OK"

Not only is it OK to speak out against injustice, It's NOT OK to NOT speak out against it. It's our duty as a free (for now) people.

Thanks for getting out there and saying it.
dd in Seattle

azgoddess said...

the supreme court is back in session today - let's see what they have to say!

Anonymous said...

my heartfelt thanks to you all out there who are getting the message out for those of us who are unable to do so. i recently went on a trip to cali [ chico].,and was thrilled to see there were protesters on four of the busiest street corners protesting bush n his war. for some reason i asked where they were from., three were from houston, texas and one was from midland texas [ about 30 miles from the town i live in. it was a wonderful surprise ! my weapon is my mouth n questions., there are really many more people here in this red state who actually think n vote quite blue., you literally do take your life in your hands to speak/act out against this admin in this state. i have heard of people who were threatened by employers who stated that if they didn't vote red., their job was at stake. another great thing i saw in cali., the first bumper sticker i observed was one on a texas car in southern cali that simply stated redefeat bush ! keep up the great work ya'll n thank you so much i am a disabled sadly transplanted cali,native., but, am hanging in there. stargazr.... hanging in there n making the best of it. in slowdeattha [ odessa] texas. KINKY friedman is NOT the answer to anything.