Sunday, September 03, 2006

Another Army of One

Beachblogger is another of the precious few who actually gets it. He painted a bunch of signs, stuck them up next to the freeways of San Diego and as a result at least half a million people gave some thought to impeaching the president when otherwise they wouldn't have.

Although his usage of peripheral fencing doesn't make for the most dramatic photos, it's the only way to go if you want to reach the highest number of drivers. Signs placed unobtrusively next to the freeway can last for days, weeks, or even months where overpass blogs will usually come down within hours.


Anonymous said...

Beachblogger - I am not worthy! Kudos.

peter said...

Dear Scarlet,

Thanks for posting these pictures and all the other pictures from around the country. I’m glad when I see others exercising freedom of speech. By providing this forum and promoting this form of media (freewayblogging) you are doing a great service for all of us. Thank you!

Impeachment is important because Bush and others in his administration have violated certain laws and they should be brought to justice. They lied about uranium and Iraq’s connection to the attacks on 9/11; they tortured terrorist suspects and illegally detained them; they illegally spied on Americans. Once leaders have crossed these lines of honesty, what else won’t they do?

Terrorism is not the central issue today; everything else is! We aren’t prepared for natural disasters, our infrastructure is neglected, energy policy is written by the oil companies, our environment is threatened, we get sick and there is poor health care. on and on.

Bush and his cronies and cohorts are the leaders of the culture of corruption. They have wasted billions of dollars, our dollars! Ken Lay and ‘Duke’ Cunningham are their heroes; bankruptcy is success. He divided the country along the lines of those who tolerate his lies and we who don’t. Only people with really poor judgment would have made the mistakes they have made. Time will tell.

peace, Peter

Donnie McDaniel said...


I just about spit out my drink when I saw the one on the truck!! That is too funny!

peter said...

the door sign is still up and the one on the truck is really on the fence in front of the truck under a street light on an on ramp its still up.

Donnie's going to do a bayou-blog!

peter said...

the door sign was down monday morning, with prejudice. only one post is left and it looks the door was all ripped up. it made at least one person think about impeachment!

peace, p