Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Lennon Remembered

Santa Monica Freeway, Los Angeles: this took about 90 seconds to put up and stayed up, amazingly, for over 24 hours.

Highway 101 in Novato: Visible to all lanes, up for four days so far.

Highway 101 in SF: Put this up with the help of PT Cruiser, down within two hours.

Interstate 10 near National/Overland: Up for three days +.

I-405 North of Venice: Four Days +.

I-80 in Berkeley: Duration Unknown.

USA - 719
FB - 591

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azgoddess said...

love your video - saw it on ptcruisers site

and totally agree...if we coudl figure out a way - like in the sci-fi movies -- to break thru those tv screens and broadcast reality...maybe we would have a chance at change