Wednesday, September 27, 2006

East Coast

USA - 764
FB - 609


Jill Draper said...

I can't believe I haven't discovered you till now! Look to be adding one angry old gal in Missouri to your effort. I have spent a career coming up with snappy headlines, so this was a walk in the park. It's my new bumper sticker that turned out shocking pink (low ink), but it's kind of gay and I like that. It reads:


No rights reserved, because so many were voted away today, we need every voice we can get. You know we could be arrested now for being enemy combatants, without evidence, without habeus corpus? Those rascals are the Antichrist, if you believe in such stuff. I must confess to wondering.

Anonymous said...

You want to throw the administration and both parties into a tailspin?... Start asking them why Family Courts do not have to adhere to the Constitution? Why both fit parents are not awarded equal custody (as dictated by the Supreme Court and determined to be a fundemental liberty interest)? Start bringing up the massive amount of taxpayer money spent to hunt deadbeats that is used to buy $1million in ARTWORK for the interior walls of a Dept of Child Support Services office (because if they didn't spend the money, they'd lose it in next year's budget). Start talking about the war on family... That'll make them focus on ending the war or some other newsworthy issue that will take the heat off of their dirty little secrets.