Monday, September 04, 2006

From Around the Country

Dear Readers, "Impeach" signs fill several galleries on this blog: keep scrolling down.


wamland said...

WOW, seeing all these signs gives one some hope. It was also great that on my ride into work I saw no less than 3 impeach signs and only 1 was mine.

Anonymous said...

Great to see all of these signs. And wamland, that's very encoruaging that at least one sign still remained today, over 1 day after we they went up. BTW, a friend of ours came up yesterday from DC and said she had seen a couple of signs on 95. I imagine at least one was ours.

Freewayblogger said...

I saw more than half my signs in Marin and Sonoma still up after two days, including a couple that Couldn't Be Missed. That's half a million readers right there.

It amazes me that everybody doesn't do this all the time.

enigma4ever said...

Very Inspiring...thank you....

Anonymous said...


Both of my signs stayed up for 24 hours+

My thoughts on sign taker-downers:

1. They like the war.
2. They enjoy being lied to.
3. They totally litter (found one sign ripped to bits in the middle of a street - I cleaned it up.)
4. Painting a flag on the back of my sign was not the kryptonite I'd hoped for.
5. They are wrong, know it and fear exposure.
6. They didn't think that 2,642 troops were killed as of September 3, 2006 should be shared with anyone.
7. Just plain mean.