Saturday, September 02, 2006

Impeach Morning 2

The above is a good example of nightblogging, where the text is illuminated by the overspray from a freeway sign. Illuminated freewayblogs have a spooky, otherworldly quality to them, and short, bold texts work best. Keep an eye out for fencing like this while driving at night: you'll see it's everywhere.


Radiohumper said...

That night blog is exactly what I need for the overpasses on my commute. How is that sign attached?

Anonymous said...

It looks like the standard wire coat hanger and bungee combo. Check out the freeway blogger website and go to the "how to do it" section, but in a nutshell, duct-tape a coathanger to the top of the back of your sign, bend the hanger hook towards the face of the sign, then simply hang it to the chain link or mesh that screens in the overpass. Secure it with a bungee cord or two, just strapped across the back. the whole operation (hang it up and strap it down) takes less than 15 seconds. For more lasting hanging (takes 30-45 seconds to do), prepare your sign with loops made from cable-ties on the corners. When you get to your hanging spot, use 4 more cable-ties and cinch it down. Slower to put up, but more of a pain in the ass for someone to take down.

Anonymous said...

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