Friday, September 08, 2006

9/11: Best We Forget

Some of us Never Forgot.

I'll be gone the next few days. Here's my salute to Disney (photoshopped):


azgoddess said...

as i giggle here in my office - oh yes, fuck mickey...

but hey - who'd want to??? grin

PTCruiser said...

Saw your "The War is a Lie" signs as I drove home from work today. Nice job.

Love, Rita said...

"Gritty" and "Nervy" are words I would use to describe your campaign of public blogging on freeway overpasses and the like. The plain, unvarnished truth in few words...words anybody can understand.

Won't you consider a tour through the Bayou State? Louisiana is full of folks who share your passion, but they just need a source of inspiration.

Thanks for a refreshingly candid blog!