Monday, October 02, 2006

Greenlight This Project

Just got a call from Christophe Joly, a French documentary maker with a piece on Freewayblogging on, which seems to be a sort of Euro-You-Tube. Anyway, the piece has shot up on the charts to 4th place and needs just a few more greenlights to win.

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If the piece wins it will be shown on european broadcast television, which would be cool for a couple of reasons, not the least of which being to show them that at least some of us are fighting back. Remember, we're probably going to need their help to rebuild this country once the Republicans are finished with it.


azgoddess said...

good point - i'm there!!

bkgodfrey said...

You left a comment on my blog with the opening statement "We want to impeach the President so the world doesn't get the impression we as a nation care more about a blowjob than we do about the lives of 2700 soldiers.". Could you please explain what you mean by this statemnt. As for your brother-in-law, I am very sorry for the loss. My heart breaks everytime I hear of a death of one of our soldiers or Iraqi citizen simply trying to live out their life. Death is however, a sad part of war and your brother-in-law did not die in vain I believe. I say all this as being someone who spent a short time in the region, Afghanistan, on a humanitarian aid project and I am very familiar with the dangers of being in such a place. I pray that God will comfort your sister and your family through this dark time in her life of losing her husband.

Anonymous said...

Current is aslo 366 on directv was watching it and it was very cool

Freewayblogger said...

Dear Kyle,
If your heart broke every time you heard such things you'd be dead by now. Spare us the tears.

Anonymous said...

Support our troops:
Impeach the murdering bastards that sent them off to die for a pack of lies.

Liberals support the troops
Conservatives support the WAR