Saturday, October 21, 2006

They Call Me "Mungen Cakes"

Dear Freewayblogger,
I blog around the outskirts of Portland Oregon. I was inspired to start up by seeing your work, that and the fact that I'm so pissed at what's happening to my country I can hardly see straight.

I pretty much use the technique described in your how-to video except I use a digital projector instead of an overhead, which makes it easy to resize and transfer graphics. Whatever's on my laptop I can trace onto cardboard... and I can make it HUGE. I do a lot of small signs too:(see attached) and while they're not as impressive visually, they do stay up a lot longer. Whatever gets the message out...

Whenever I head out to blog I think about that little girl covered in her family's blood, crying by flashlight, her parents murdered by mistake at a US checkpoint in Iraq. I think about Abu-Ghraib and all the others who've been tortured. All the others who will be tortured. I think about my nephew in Baghdad.

I was a little nervous about this at first, but when I think about what's at stake, having to face the cops or the wingnuts over my blogging doesn't seem like such a big deal. (As if they could ever catch me...) Thanks again for the inspiration man... if nothing else at least I don't feel so damn helpless in all of this. Even so, I still feel like I'm not doing enough, that I can do more.
We all can.

They call me Mungen_Cakes


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Anonymous said...

Mungen-Cakes you rock man! Keep up the good work. Your efforts are inspiring.

Anonymous said...

Practice and experience yes. But you've goptten over the hardest part and that is getting out from behind the computer (or idiot box) and DOING IT!
Love ya for it.

Anonymous said...

Get a job freeloader