Friday, October 13, 2006

Back in the Saddle

Those of you who've been following this blog may have noticed that my sign count's been stuck at 609 for awhile, giving the rest of you time to sweep a whopping 200 signs ahead of me. Good: This is one contest I'd really like to lose.

After a couple of years now living pretty much on the road, I've finally moved into a new place, close to my daughter, with a yard for my bunnies and a small garage for painting. I won't say where exactly, but suffice it to say that commuters in Marin and Sonoma counties will know there's a war going on and that at least one person is decidedly against it.

(Update: Over half these signs are still up after three days.)

USA - 826

FB - 618

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quixote said...

You're right that silence is complicity. My problem is that given the magnitude of the crimes involved--torture ... detention without trial--I feel like everything I do just by living here shows complicity. Especially paying my taxes. And yet I can't face the prospect of devoting the next few years, at a minimum, to hassles with the IRS. Ridiculous, given how much of a "hassle" our current criminal government is causing its victims, and how bad living in a full-blown dictatorship is, and yet, the hassle now stops me from doing what I know I should. And meantime, I keep thinking that now I know how Good Germans are made. Turns out, I really didn't want to know.