Wednesday, September 27, 2006

East Coast

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FOX News Quiz

1.) You're a fifty-seven year old coffee grower in Matagalpa, Nicaragua. Which FOX News Personality helped arm and train the men who killed your wife and daughter twenty one years ago?

2.) You’re a young woman enjoying a nice hot shower at a Caribbean resort. Which FOX News Personality is most likely to ejaculate while thinking of you?

3.) You’re a CIA subcontractor based in Iran. Which FOX News Personality leaked the name of your contact resulting in your subsequent torture and death?

4.) You’re taking off from Cairo on an Egypt Air 767 to London. Twenty-three seconds into the flight your plane is hit by a Stinger Missile and you along with everyone else aboard die in a cloud of exploding jet fuel and aircraft parts. Which FOX News Personality is most likely to have provided the anti-aircraft weapon to the men that killed you?

5.) You’re a small child in Fifteenth Century Europe. Which FOX News Personality is most likely to attack you outside the village graveyard and drink all your blood?

Sunday, September 24, 2006


"When friends of mine suggested my signs
might offend the Japanese I said 'I bloody well hope so!
I'm not driving nine hours to Wellington to have a nice chat.'


Friday, September 22, 2006

Free Speech in LA

"The Monkey"

These just in from our man in LA...
A friend tells me that three of my signs on the 101 are still up from last week. Cost of signs: about 14 cents. Estimated viewership: Millions.

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