Friday, June 16, 2006

"Just a Number"

"Yesterday we had a moment of silence in the Senate because we thought it was a solemn occasion when our 2,500th soldier was killed in Iraq. We held a moment of silence. When the White House's press secretary was asked to step forward, the President's Press Secretary Tony Snow, they asked him about 2,500, he said "It's just a number." Just a number? I mean, that is outrageous. I went to Memorial Day services in Boulder City, our veterans' facility. I went and visited the grave of John Lukac with his mom and his dad. He'd been killed in Iraq. He was 19 years old. He's just a number? In Nevada we've lost 39. We've lost 2,500 nationwide, and we've had about 20,000 wounded, half of them permanently wounded. Just numbers? I don't think so." -Harry Reid


Bob said...

The sad part is that number only includes the number of people that have died in country, that does not include the number of people that have died in air transports out of country.

That number places the American/UK death toll closer to 4,000, I believe.

Anonymous said...

Don't weep for them, though! While listening to a country music station, I heard a song that told tales that those 4,000 service people are partying up in the afterlife, saluting each other and swapping stories in the foggy air of Arlington, which the performer describes as some form of American Valhallah.

unhappycamper said...

A current and correct fatality count can be found at

This count includes any soldier that was wounded or injured in Iraq and died at some other location. The Fatalities Details feature will tell you when and where.

This site is the most accurate count of American fatalities in Iraq.

Mr.InfiniteWisdom said...

You all say you support the troops and you love how they protect your rights etc.,etc.,etc. However, if you say you support them, support their mission. Even if you so not agree with the mission hope that we win and that our troops are protected. And when you criticize Ann Coulter for her comments about 9/11 listen to what she's saying not verbally but the message. The message is don't use a loss to make political stances or attacks. Cindy Sheehan is the best example. Now don't get me wrong I respect her loss and feel bad for her son, and her. But, she should not be accusing Bush of "murdering" him, or starting a war for oil. And what really pissed me off is when she calls the terroist's "freedom fighters" as an American I find that to be treason.

D said...

What a surprise, another right-winger attacking Cindy Sheehan while trying to defend the vicious bullshit of liars like Mann Coulter.

And, just so you'll know, supporting the troops has NOTHING to do with "supporting their mission". Their mission is supposed to be defending us, not killing innocent people and getting sent into places we don't need to be in.

Maybe if you absorbed anything besides right-wing hatred, you'd understand that, troll.

Freewayblogger said...

Actually "If You Support the Troops, Support Their Mission." Would make for a great Freeway sign... With a Great Big Fucking Swastika in the middle of it. "If you support the troops, support their mission." Man, that's Nazi-talk if I've ever heard it.

Tell me, Mr. Infinite Wisdom, is there any sort of war these neo-clown fascist sons of bitches COULDN'T talk you into? I mean seriously, there have been wars built around lies before, most of them probably. But this war was built around the biggest lies and flimsiest excuses ever told in the history of warfare. And you're buying it, eh? Very Good... turns out they're looking for guys just like you. Go Serve.

Mr.InfiniteWisdom said...

Well consirdering the fact that I'm only 14, i can't yet. For college i'm thinking either notre dame or west point. But anyway, can you name me one U.S international war that did not have a lie invovled? also, You can say that if for example if you love your kids, but you neglect them, don't feed them, or abuse them, are you really loving your kids?

Roxy the school police watch dog said...

First of all when you say are troops are killing inocent people and murdering them in cold blood that is not supporting them. Not to say that has not happened in the past. Hell John Kerry has said that he took part in the killing of the innocent people of Veitnam. Yet you hail him as a hero and voted for him in the last election. No you don't ahve to agree with the war. But say to things like that is just wrong. We as a county are not killing innocent people. Individuals in are armed forces maybe. But If you blame the entire military for what individauls do than you must blame all MUSLIMS for 9/11.

I am sure Damian you would agree with that since that's what I get from your posting

And to Mr. Wisdom Go outside and play and leave this stuff up to the grown ups ok little boy.

Just a side note did you all reqad the headlines today.

Hundreds of chemical weapons found in Iraq since 2003.

Freewayblogger said...

Ah, so you'll be supporting the troops in Iraq from college then? Excellent idea. I think you should apply for a Cheney grant... it's a scholarship they give to young people who want to build a future as a war profiteer but are too afraid to fight.

As for troops committing atrocities, I've got news for you Rick: That's What Troops Do. That's what anybody does after their lives have been in constant threat for long enough, and it's been that way since the Dawn of Time. If you'd spent any extended period of time in combat you'd understand that.

Roxy the school police watch dog said...

So Freeway you don't support the troops. What about the ones who are against the war but still doing their job, Do you support them?

I do not understand I served in the first gulf war. The Iraqi's who have been trained all their lives to kill came running to us waving white flags. They have been under constant threat from the dawn time and yet they all said they did not want to fight.

That's not what troops do individuals do that not all the troops.

D said...

Rick, there's a term you might want to learn:

Cognitive dissonance.

Google it. Then realize why you're a massive example of it.

Harry said...

Just like you damien!