Monday, June 05, 2006

I-5 San Diego Annotated

One of a series of overpasses over the 5 in downtown San Diego. Most of the overpasses provide convenient fence-side parking, light pedestrian traffic and blog-friendly infrastructure. Posting takes only seconds while signs can stay up for days.

This is my favorite spot in San Diego, the fence behind the Bicycle Warehouse just north of the Balboa Ave. exit. Located some 20 feet up and to the right of traffic it's practically impossible to miss from all five northbound lanes. Anyone planning on taking it down would find themselves driving forever trying to reach it, while placement itself requires no more than a ten foot walk from parking.

Pedestrian Overpass at Sassafras St. Exit (northbound 5 just north of downtown. Heading north, exit at Sassafras and pull over to the right at the entrance to the overpass. Cross street (carefully) and you're there. Signs seem to last between two and twenty-four hours.

Outside an office complex directly next to the 5 in Rancho Santa Fe. Visible to most northbound lanes and fairly easy to reach if you're willing to go under a fence. Few people are. This sign was painted on a large board and leaned up against a utility box. There's a good chance it'll be seen by a hundred thousand people before one of them takes the time to take it down.

This was shot from across the freeway at the Old Town Exit, a stretch of fencing accessable from the parking lot of a self-storage company. Deserted during non-working hours and visible only to southbound traffic, I've had signs stay here for days.

This is part of a massive overpass arching over the 5 at City College. The north end of the overpass opens on the far end of a huge, generally deserted parking lot. A great place to do large signs with quick getaways.

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USA -328


Harry said...

wow you people are cowards "A great place to do large signs with quick getaways." You see how i used coward in that sentence? It actually implies that you run away.


PTCruiser said...

I saw how you used the word "coward" in that sentence. It was very impressive.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you get out and do some freeway blogging Rightwinger? The rest of the country is only ahead of FB by 5 signs, so we sure could use some help. Not that it matters, but what exactly would your signs say?

Paul said...

Hey, what's the big idea sneaking through our territory without stopping to say hi?
You're a legend around these parts pardner and your signs look great!
Many thanks,

Sadie Baker said...

What would rightwinger's sign say?

I'm guessing something like "Support George Bush, sooner or later he'll get something right!"

Anonymous said...

Thanks Scarlet.

Roxy the school police watch dog said...

When you say lied to get us in to war, What do you mean? If I am not mistaken and I am not the only reason why anyone opposed the war was because we were going to war for oil. Not one person stood up and said there are no WMD's not one. Not John Kerry, Not Al Gore, Not Ted Kennedy, Not Hillary Clinton, Not Bill Clinton. Now that we know that these weapons are not in Iraq (notice I did not say they didn't have them, We all know they did, So were are they, is the question)Everyone, is the smart one that said they didn't have them. I told you they didn't back in March. BULLSHIT. 100% bullshit

You all should be ashamed of yourselves it was NO WAR FOR OIL NOT THEY DON'T HAVE WEAPONS.



You can say what you want on this blog, but deep down inside you know I am RIGHT.

You people probably believe in global warming also. I ask you did you believe them in the 70's when they said we were going to die from global cooling. I survived global cooling and will survive global warming.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh Rick....get your head out of the sand...Iraq has about 11% of the remaining world oil supply. Getting the WMDs was the political pretext used to sacrifice human lives so that wall street could sit on that oil like a nice savings account and see who would get it and who wouldn't in the future. Dem/Repub/Mainstream media, none of them would have mentioned no WMDs because that was the story they needed to sucker you into invading. and now they're going to try it with Iran. Same story, same profit motive, same war for oil disguised as finding the WMDs...sheesh

Roxy the school police watch dog said...

Why would we need to steal oil for the middle east when we have more oil then the entire middle east has right here in America. These tree huggers want us to believe the middle east has more oil but its the researchers who say we have more oil. So get your tree hugger head out of the sky and come down to earth.

Now we are going after Iran. I suppose you think they should have nuclear weapons? I am sure they don't mean to kill that many people with them. Just some damn jews and a few Americans. So why should we stop them. You probalby think tthe U.S. got what it deserved on 9/11, don't you.

Sadie Baker said...

You may have survived global cooling, but I don't see how you can survive the next few months without your head exploding from cognitive dissonance if you keep this up.

Anonymous said...

Rick, I lived in NY for 15 years and I knew three people who died in the towers. Don't tell me what I think about 911.

US oil production peaked in the Early 70s. World oil production per capita peaked in 1979.

Meanwhile, the planet consumes a billion barrels of oil every 11.5 days.

Together the gulf states have about 500-600 billion barrels left (roughly 48% of the worlds recoverable oil). Russia has 60 billion barrels, which is a 690 day supply for the world. US Domestic reserves are negligible compared to that.

That doesn't take into account that over the next 20 years, US demand for oil consumption will increase by 33%, yet domestically we produce 40% less oil then we did in our peak year of production (1970). And guess what? China and India's demands will increase faster than ours. Whose gonna get the oil? Thats what the "war on terror" is about.

Roxy the school police watch dog said...

Well I have lived in NY for 22 years I knew 27 people who died in the towers, one was my uncle. I don't see were any of those who died would think that the war on terror has anything to do with oil.

Anonymous said...

I don't see were any of those who died would think that the war on terror has anything to do with oil.

Nor would they see how a war over oil (i.e., Iraq) has anything to do with battling terror.

Roxy the school police watch dog said...

What oil? Surely you don't think OPEC is going to allow The U.S. to go in and steal oil. We can't fart funny in Iraq with out a news story on it. So show me one news story about the U.S. stealing oil. That would be bigger than Abu Grab and Gitmo put together.

Just one news story. Just one.