Friday, June 16, 2006


You're our 100,000th visitor!


PTCruiser said...

I like this milestone a lot better than the one above it.

Annie said...


The Committee to Elect Michael Stettler said...

If the server said so, i guess it is. This is what i bring to the table; i am a Congressional Candidate in the 24th District CA who is having his civil liberties trampled and being afforded no due process of law as the Ventura County Superior Court System attempts to shut me up with appointed council, smash my campaign by administering a death grip on my 92 year old Domestic Partner, (removing her from her home of over 30 years in Ojai CA, and forcing her into a perimeterd, secure facility, Ventura County Superior Court System is criminally usurping any authority Miss Myrtle has over her own affairs and territories and making themselves "Gaurdian of her person and estate" as well as removing both of us from her home, {through their own ideas, networks and cronies and making themselves and HATHAWAY LAW FIRM THE TRUSTEE!)

IN so doing, an attempt is under way to completely demoralize my committment to our people and our district. Folks there is no demilitarized zone. This is coming to your doorstep in the name of "Enduring Freedom."

If the County of Ventura is successful at removing from the November Election, (they already have succeeded in destroying my chance at Partisan Nomination) a truely electable candidate for We The People, The Pursuit of Happiness, Peace and Justice then i am afraid there are few who remain with the intestinal fortitude to address these issues from the bottom up.

I am a Veteran of the United States Navy 86-90 NAS Pt. Mugu who was honorably discharged four months prior to the ANTHRAX Inoculation series being administered before what was then Operation Desert Shield. I am calling for an end to the occupation of IRAQ, Bankruptcy re- organization of our financial system, ending the HMO system returning to Hill Burton health care and an end to Judicial Immunity.

Anyone in California who has watched the primary election results in 2006 (06-06-06) with intentions on effecting a postive, lasting change for the "Good of the Union" and "WE THE PEOPLE", TAKE NOTE OF THE BOOK: "There's a Fish in the CourtHouse" Gary Wean; Casistas Springs Publishers, tells the true story of how the currupt Judicial System in Ventura County ripped off the taxpayers of over 200 million with their new Government Center in the late 70's early 80's.

This is just the begining of the facts documented and told in the book: "There's a Fish in the Court House" A must read for anyone who thinks they are going to come up from the "grassroots" in politics.

General Quarters, General Quarters, this is not a drill. 100,000 : 1 I would be # 100,000 on my first visit to this site. The odds are longer on organizing the population to this end but here i am.

I weigh and consider all things as they unfold these days.

This number is just a number, but what does that mean to you? What is the United States? What are it's interests?

I intend to spend the rest of my life routing out the injustice in our Judicial System and i need your help. Congress is impotent and the Judicial Branch of our government is now afforded a 5 / 9 majorty on the Supreme Court which has little to bind it to the United States.

THE WRITE IN PERIOD IN CALIFORNIA STARTS SEPTEMBER 11TH 2006 UNTIL OCTOBER 23RD 2006. God Bless Jill Martinez but she is not going to get the job done. I can, but i need your help.

Roxy the school police watch dog said...

The Committee,
Sounds like you would do a good job, except just telling me you can do better does not cut it. How are you going to do better? Talk is cheap and that is all you offer in your statement.

More details please.

Anonymous said...

Policy Statement of Michael Kurt Stettler
Seeking Partisan Nomination
For the Office of:
United States Representative in Congress
24th Congressional District California

Objective: To provide, announce, disclose, inform, educate and generally make known, the positions and policies, on issues and events. These are deemed essential for healthy survival of the 24th Congressional District's ability to perform its Civic responsibilities and Constitutional duties to its constituency and municipalities in the immediate future and for posterity.

Upon filing declaration of candidacy with Elections Office in the County of Ventura, State of California, January 27, 2006, until the nomination is made in the Gubernatorial Primary Election June 6, 2006, let this be known.

Major Campaign Priorities:

1) An end to the ever-increasing, inter-generational influence of Corporate Personhood over the affairs of our people and territories. Through Re-regulating vital and essential functions of the greatest Agricultural / Industrial Economy ever on planet earth, this can be done.

2) A revival of the American System of Political Economy set forth in Papers on Manufacturing, Banking and Credit by our first Treasury Secretary, Alexander Hamilton, revived by Franklin Delano Roosevelt during the Depression and Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War.

3) A return to the Hill Burton Health Care System by initiating legislation akin to, 'The Hospital Survey and Construction Act,' enacted Aug. 13, 1946, its principal bipartisan co-sponsors being, Senators Lister Hill (D-Alabama) and Harold Burton (R-Ohio), ending an era of the HMO system.


1) Get out of Iraq; 2) Stay out of Iran; 3) Secure Pensions; 4) Keep Hospitals Open; 5) Fortify and re-prioritize our commitment to Education; 6) Initiate legislation that will stop the use of Depleted Uranium Munitions by all forces of the United States Military. 7) Support the call for 'A New Bretton Woods Conference' to secure the confidence of the world in the United States Sovereign Ability to repay those who are holding in excess of one trillion U.S. Treasuries. 8) a) Raise the tax base by repealing tax cuts for persons and entities with annual incomes in excess of 200,000 dollars. b) Raise the tax base by creating millions of jobs with newly generated credit by powers derived from major campaign priority #2 for desperately needed infrastructure projects. By retooling the vital machine tool capacity of our auto industry coupled with this new credit, we can produce Energy, Water, Sanitation and High Speed Magnetically Levitated Rail Systems for the 21st century here at home, curbing the flow and trend of outsourcing. 9) Continue allowing investigative bodies to ask their questions in regard to all things political, while encouraging the active participation of all citizens in the political process. 10) Support a woman’s right to choice, while advising against the practice of abortion and providing ways of escape.

There are many more issues that face the nation and our district. Embodied in or represented by these three major campaign priorities are many more potentialities and years of work regarding implementation. Let's start today securing tomorrow’s future for those who are sure to follow. Nominate Michael Stettler to be your representative in Congress. Thank you in advance for your support.

Anonymous said...
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