Friday, June 23, 2006

Filming in LA

These went up yesterday on the 10, 405, 101 and 110 in LA. The postings were filmed by a friend of mine for a short tutorial called "How to Reach 200,000 People Tomorrow for Five Dollars" which will hopefully be appearing on the net soon.

In two minutes or so, "How To..." will cover the entire process of freewayblogging - cardboard procurement, paint, lettering, and hanging techniques - underscoring the speed, ease and efficiency of the artform and hopefully inspiring more of you to give it a go.

To my surprise, all of these signs, including the really big ones, stayed up for at least three hours and some may very well still be up right now. Given the numbers of drivers on these freeways, the 200,000 mentioned in the title may have been a gross underestimate.

FB- 383
USA- 370


beethoven writes said...

reading your blog it made me think of the connection between the war in iraq and my injury. it goes like this:

there's a war in iraq, which led to, resentment amongst muslims in england, which led to, the bombings on the tube in london, which led to, encouraging me to cycle rather than get the tube, which led to, me coming off my bike in central london one night, which led to, me being seriously injured

blog on!


tom, london

Roxy the school police watch dog said...

Tom, Were you ever in Iraq? If not there is no link. Just like the terrorist, they weren't in Iraq before the war so there was no link. Correct Freeway?

Now what you should have said is George Bush lying caused you to come off your bike. That is the right anti war talk.

Hell I am getting so good at this I might just vote for a Democrat.

Freewayblogger said...

Right as rain as usual Rick. The more I think about it, the more I realize that George W. Bush is the wisest, kindest and most compassionate man to have walked this earth since Jesus Christ Himself.

Roxy the school police watch dog said...

God this is like Freaky Friday.

Sadie Baker said...

Comrade Freeway! You are in serious danger of rhetorical error!

According to GOP memo 6257 (replacing memo 6256) BUSH IS THE SECOND COMING OF CHRIST.

Therefore I urge you to humbly retract your thoughtless statement saying Bush is like Christ, and publicly affirm your right-thinking by issuing a new one, declaring once and for all that Bush is Christ, in solemn and respectful solidarity with your brothers and sisters of the Conservative Cultural Revolution.

All Praise Him.

Freewayblogger said...

I'm sorry, but to say Bush is Christ, to me is nothing short of Blasphemy and an insult to His name. Bush's name, that is.

President George W. Bush is a poet, a warrior... the living embodiment of the Philosopher-King. Pinnicle of compassion and steadfast defender of All Things Good, the strength and moral character of George W. Bush puts that of Jesus to shame. Compared to Our Leader, Jesus was little more than a shoeless hippie wandering in the desert. All Hail Bush, the New Christ and One True Messiah.

Sadie Baker said...

That's more like it. I don't think Comrade Rick could've put it better himself.

michael said...

The Conservative Cultural Revolution? I spit on them! I'm with the Revolution of Cultural Conservatives!