Thursday, June 01, 2006

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I'll be in Mexico for the next couple of days,
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Anonymous said...

I find it quite funny how all you liberals have political debates. You all just bash Pres. Bush and vice pres. Cheney and Sec. of Def. Rumsfeld. You have no proof what so ever and never will that Pres. Bush's agenda hurts America. Take for instance the fact that our progress in Iraq has helped us and the Iraqi's. The fact of the matter is this, there have been 2 succseful elections, Iraq has a lower civilian death per 100,000 count than Washington, D.C. Being in Iraq And Afghanistan has stopped all terroist activity in the U.S, if you supported the war and our President than you're baiscally fighting the terroist's. The way terroism works is that people like you and Schumer, Clinton, Gore, Kennedy, and that idiot Moore, all make eveyone scared of the terroist's. That's the only way terroism works, being scared of the terroists. And when it comes to the NSA terroist survallience program, all you lib's say that Pres. Bush is spying on you. But you're only tapped if you call a terroist nation evey other day. ANd even if they did wire tap you, unless you have something to hide, you should have no reason to be so protective. In Iraq sadly, we've lost about 2,500 true Americans. And that's a very sad fact of war, but compare that number to the 26,000 soldiers lost in one month! (march 1945) On the small island of Iwo Jima. And when it comes to your program of attempting to impeach Bush, I don't know why you want him to be impeached. You say oh, he lied about Iraq or he lied to us about the NSA, but in Iraq we have found weapons of mass destruction. It's know as the Scud missile used the the Iran Iraq war and the persian gulf war. This weapon can do major damge to any area hit. This makes it a weapon of mass-destruction. Mccain in 08'!

Anonymous said...

I personally am not a liberal. I'm a patriot, and you don't have to be a liberal to Freeway Blog. Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld are not patriots, bush is a retarded empty suit, and cheney and rumsfeld manufacture fear of terrorists to keep people like you brainwashed.

Loosing 2500 Soldiers is indeed unfortunate, now that we see fully that the war was based on a pack of lies. And incidentally we didn't find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Iraq wasn't lying when it submitted that huge report to us before the war. The USA promptly censored many pages of that Iraq report before releasing it to us, as it mentioned how and which US corporations supplied all those toxins and weapons to them back in the 80s. The ones that were no longer there. We didn't find them. Deal with it.

Also it's spelled "Terrorist" and "Terrorism" - but hey at least you care enough to comment.

sumo said...

I have to agree with the 2nd anonymous commenter. I would just like to add that as far as I'm concerned anonymous people soak up what the administration tells you like ambrosia from the god's. And like anonymous #2 allow yourselves to be brainwashed and really delude yourselves into thinking that what they spit at you is the truth. I wish one of you conservatives would someday be able to explain why you guys so blindly buy into their BS. There has to be a reason that you guys defend them all day long, even when the corruption is in print before your very eyes. Is it that you can be selective in what you choose to be the truth? Do any of you people read and watch world news? If you do...and the things that are held out in front of you for examination doesn't get beyond your grey matter...then maybe the right are just a bunch of dumb clucks! I am reading and hearing the same news as you guys...although I don't get much Fox News...I can't abide Sean Hannity's manners...or rather...the lack thereof.

Roxy the school police watch dog said...

Brainwashing Yea that is what the President does. Even as you call the President a lair the people that run this blog are liars. Read the section on posting signs. They say to call the DOT to see if you can legally post signs and tell them they are SUPPORT THE TROOPS signs. That is a lie. I seen only one or two support the troop signs. You so I guess it takes a lair to know a liar. Of course the president is a lair, so is Bill Clinton, Hillary, Gore and even John McCain. For God Sakes He wants to make identity theft legal, but only if you are an illegal. All politicians are liars. That is how they all get elected. Come on look at the war on drugs, if we really want to stop drugs coming into this country it would be simple. But than you lose all that money that comes in with the drugs. Money is what it is all about. When was the last time you saw a poor president never. The rich rule the world. It does not matter what party is in office they both SUCK. But you have to pick who you think is the better guy. No of us know any of these people personally. I mean all we know is what they tell us and they only tell us what they want us to know. Us sitting arguing back and forth is stupid, But we can't stop because it is so damn fun to point out how stupid our leaders are on both sides.

Thank you for your time.

I am not afraid to post a name.

Rick Rogers

D said...

Ah, the cowards of the Right come out to play again. With their world falling apart and public opinion swinging against them like a wrecking ball, all they can do is come out with childish attacks with no basis in reality.

Isn't it just hilarious?

PTCruiser said...

I'm certainly enjoying it.

elaine x said...

thank you for sharing some hope and inspiration on this day!
peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'

Anonymous said...

I find it intersting how "Damian, The left hand player" calls me, and other
conservatives, "cowards". Now unless I'm mistaken, isn't a coward one who doesn't fight or say what he believes? ANd also, all of you don't respond to the fact that a scud missile is a weapon of mass-destruction. And don't try and pull that "we gave them the missiles in the 80's" because Iraq made them. And used them to kill some of our true Americans in the persian gulf war. And by the way 9/11 could have been (to some extent) if Pres. Clinton actually used his patriot missiles to kill Osama Bin Laden (A.K.A terroist piece of scum). I also find it disgusting how hypocritical the libs are. Take for instance abortion and the death penalty. You libs are pro-choice and anti- death penalty. So what liberals are trying to say is that it's fime to kill defenceless live babies, but it's horrible to kill a convicted killer/serial rapist. So kill the baby but don't kill the man who killed productive members of society? you people make me sick. And if there are any of you who are pro-life as am I,I'm sorry for offending you.

D said...

Aw, did I hurt your feelings, reich-winger? Too bad, boy, you've proven yourself to be a moron and a coward, and I called you on what you are, just like everyone else.

D said...

And if anyone notices, the Cowardly Elephant is using discredited bull to back himself up. What a maroon.

Roxy the school police watch dog said...

Do you think we should just cut and run from Iraq. Leave all those Iraqi people with the terrorist. Is that what you want to do. It amazing how before the war 90% of America agreed to go to Iraq. Now of course things have changed, mind have change and now if you are for the war you are some kind of coward. Sure we could leave and I am really sure it would not hurt America for at least 2 years. Then what? The terrorist regroup in Iraq and hit the U.S. again. Impeach is what you say. For what? What evidence do you have? None. But he lied, So did Clinton, Kerry, and Kennedy the big three that could do nothing wrong. Well we all know what Clinton did, Kerry shot himself three times to get out of a war and Kennedy killed a women in the back of his car. These are some great leaders you have as well. And I know we as Republicans have old Duke who is a crook and Tom Delay who has not been found guilty, but I know Democrats think he is. But lets not forget about your crook William Jefferson and the cold hard cash in his freezer. One day you will realize that if you use your most precious vote you probably voted for a criminal.

Rick Rogers

A coward only refuses to fight.

sumo said...

Okay Sadie! I too was of like mindset in 2003. SHOULD NOT HAVE GONE THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE!!! Cannot stress that enough. And let Israel take their chances...they are up to it...they have 'nukes' to blam them all into middle eastern hell. They've made their bed... Israeli's have killed more non-Israeli's by the thousands just having a bad day. I think they can take care of their own.

Roxy the school police watch dog said...

When you say lied to get us in to war, What do you mean? If I am not mistaken and I am not the only reason why anyone opposed the war was because we were going to war for oil. Not one person stood up and said there are no WMD's not one. Not John Kerry, Not Al Gore, Not Ted Kennedy, Not Hillary Clinton, Not Bill Clinton. Now that we know that these weapons are not in Iraq (notice I did not say they didn't have them, We all know they did, So were are they, is the question)Everyone, is the smart one that said they didn't have them. I told you they didn't back in March. BULLSHIT. 100% bullshit

You all should be ashamed of yourselves it was NO WAR FOR OIL NOT THEY DON'T HAVE WEAPONS.



You can say what you want on this blog, but deep down inside you know I am RIGHT.

You people probably believe in global warming also. I ask you did you believe them in the 70's when they said we were going to die from global cooling. I survived global cooling and will survive global warming.

Anonymous said...

I didn't post the question you're referring to, Rick, but I believe the lies that poster was talking about were the lies the Administration fed Congress, the press, and the public about the presence of WMDS. OF COURSE, most people wanted to go to war to get rid of WMDs. But! We get there and what? No WMDs? How could that be? Rummy told us he knew where they were? Then we find out Rummy and Cheney knew there was NO evidence of WMDs at all, but were so interested in going to war they LIED to us about it. Those are the lies I believe that poster was talking about. Nothing about the adminstration lying about oil, or global warming, or the presence of little green men hiding in the Lincoln bedroom - though I wouldn't put it past the Administration to lie about those things either!

Roxy the school police watch dog said...

Rummy and Cheney never said that they knew there were no weapons in fact the question that Rummy asks all the time is where are the weapons now. In congress we have a committee on intel. In fact in 2003 John Kerry was on this committee and he said if you don't think Saddam has weapons then you shouldn't vote for me. You (Dea) have no prove that anyone knew that the weapons had been moved. I say they have been moved because everryone knows he had them there was no debate not from Russia, Not from China, not from France or Germany. No one said he he does not have them. Now that we can't find them everyone assumes that he never had them. Well we also assumed that the terrorist would never strike the home land. We assumed wrong once and to assume Saddam didn't have these weapons is stupid. No one in this administration has ever said he never had the weapons.



I know the gas prices are Bush's fault to if he would just let us build refineries and drill all over the U.S we wouldn't be in this mess. But he is on the side of the tree hugging, mushroom picking, hybird car driving, Al Gore huge airplane gas bill, liberal.

Anonymous said...

The ignorance on this site are astounding. I can't believe there are fools on here still spewing the same ol' Limbaugh/Rove talking points. You have people on here actually still trying to bring up Clinton. People like Rick bringing up "What lie?" Unreal.

I suggest you idiots get a clue and read this...

Roxy the school police watch dog said...

You are correct. A Republican president has never won a war since Lincoln. A war southern planation Democracts did not want that republican to win. As a matter of fact that is the last war a Republican President has started. I know you want me to say the First Bush (SR) won the first gulf war, but that was a UN war, So we won't count that. Amazing WWI,WWII, Korean War, Vietnam War all started by Democracts. Why do you call Republican war moongers, WHY? And as we know from Vietnam, started by a Democrats, Congress can lose a war as well. We never lost one single battle in Vietnam, But gutless, cowardly Democrats lost Vietnam. And Cowardly Democracts will lose the war on terror. Not our troops.

Freewayblogger said...

How quickly you all seem to have forgotten our glorious victory in Grenada... Seems like nobody even bothers to celebrate VG Day anymore...

Rick, the democrats didn't lose Vietnam, nor did the Republicans, nor did Congress and most certainly not the troops. The American People lost Vietnam. That means you, me, and just about everyone reading this blog along with our parents. We lost Vietnam because we, as a people, lacked the will and discipline to simply move there with our families, and the really sad part is we'll probably fail to do it again in Iraq.

All it would take to win this war is for forty or fifty million Americans to learn Arabic, move to Iraq and start creating the changes we'd like to see in the society and government there from the inside. If we're not willing to do that one simple thing, we really have no business there. So get packing. And bring your friends.