Thursday, June 29, 2006

Los Angeles Redux

LA traffic is some of the worst in the world, and at times I'll find myself hanging huge signs over fourteen lanes that are absolutely jammed, bringing on a chorus of honking and the occasional Fuck You! I'll usually smile and flash a peace sign and be quickly on my way.

At certain, generally more desperate times in my life I've found myself moving to LA, usually realizing within a week or two that it was a mistake. After that it takes a couple of weeks to move out, and as a result my overall impression of life in LA is a favorable one: spending time in a horrible place that you know you're going to leave.

Driving in LA, though slow, is actually quite pleasant, unless you need to get somewhere. Then it really sucks. Driving around looking for places to stick up signs though is a lot of fun.
"We're all wearing..." has been sitting next to the 405 for over a week now.
FB - 413
USA - 370

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