Friday, June 09, 2006

LA: I-10/405 Annotated

Pedestrian overcrossing: I-10 at 8th between Crenshaw and Arlington.
Sealed-off but easy to get into. Enter from the north side.

Sepulveda Pass, northbound 405: Only visible from southbound lanes. Sign is made out of wood and attached with three or four nails. Took about thirty seconds to hang... has been up since January.

Pedestrian overpass at 4th St. between Arlington and Crenshaw on the 10. I try to use different overpasses for diffrent directions. It's a little less labor-efficient, but denies people the satisfaction and the impetus of being able to take down two signs at once.
I-405 north of Venice Bvld. Hundreds of feet of highly visible, easily reachable (for you...) fencing along both East and West sides. Traffic is some of the densest in LA at over a quarter million cars per day per direction. Average speed is about zero, so everyone has lots of time to read. Even though it would take drivers about 10 minutes to reach them physically, I've had signs stay up here for close to two weeks, which is astounding when you think about it.

Caged Bird Singing
405 North of La Cienega.

FB - 332
USA - 344

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