Wednesday, June 14, 2006

From the Inbox

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USA - 360


Anonymous said...

If there is so much public opposition to Bush and his administration why don't people start to hold mass demonstatrations and ensure strong candidates will defeat republicans in the midterms.

D said...

Peoople are holding demonstrations. And they're being told to protest away from Bush. "Free speech zones" and all that rot.

And we're trying to get people into office to counteract the scheming, lying parts of the right wing. But, even in the more liberal parts of the political sphere, there are people trying to cripple this effort by wailing about how bad the Democrats are every time someone suggests electing one.

Some folks are trying to do what you've suggested. Some folks are working against it when it's in their best interests not to. It's kinda hard to change the world when you can't agree on HOW to do so.

Harry said...

Beacause democrats know that society will not allow their retarded policies to take shape.
Oh by the way, I'm surprised freeway blogger, you seem to just knock Bush and his aides. But, his polls are rising and this week has been the best in years. Not only that but, how come you didn't cover the Zaequwi death? Would you prefer him alive so that he could kill more iraq's and Americans?

Keep this country great, cleanse it of liberals.-Rightwinger08

Freewayblogger said...

Last time I went to a street demonstration against the war in Iraq it turned out to be a demonstration against the War in the Phillipines:

The whole notion of street demonstrations seems a bit antiquated these days anyway: going to all the effort of getting thousands of people together and then hoping the press will cover it. Yesterday I "demonstrated" in front of about 120,000 people, probably more, in the East Bay, and all it took was a couple hours of driving around and about two bucks worth of materials.

And it was a hell of a lot of fun.