Monday, March 20, 2006

A Word from Our Founder

I didn't make this. I like it though.

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Hey, thanks, glad you liked it.

You didn't make it? Heh. You sure DID make it. I certainly couldn't have done it without you. You, and the rest of America's bloggers (who you've inspired). If you want, next upgrade, I'll add a link in the credits to your blog, here. Or on the main huffpo site. Or both.

And if the entry wins one of the HuffPo thingers this month, I'll give you a taste of the prize money, if you want some.

FYI: All of these domains currently point directly to the huffpo site:,,

That's one of my personal favorites:



And a few others, I think. I've got like 82 domains or something. If I can think of a way to make it make sense, I forward it to "Impeach". I haven't had much time to promote it, though. Been pretty busy.

It's also currently featured at our other huffpo entry: The

If you have any better, higher res versions of any of the pictures, let me know. Although the file's pretty big already. It doesn't seem to load all of the time, either. Maybe it's _too_ effective? Heh.

I like the effect that showing the city name in the photo has on the message. I did the best I could last night to find photos from different cities and labeling them thus. But I was pretty tired.

Anyway, keep up the great work, American Freeway Bloggers! Free Speech. Well, unless you pay for the discarded cardboard. Oh, the paint. I forgot. Still, it's nearly Free Speech. Better than nothing, anyway. said...

Oh, wait. You meant the George Washington thing. Oops.

Anyway, yeah, I like that portrait and "impeach" imprint, too.

It's a powerful visual.

I'm "stealing" it for the video, k?


Unless you object, of course.