Thursday, March 16, 2006

Dame Edna Speaks to Ohio

A gentleman from Ohio sent this image to me asking if I'd post it. I wrote back saying I'd post it if he posted it first: the point of this site being to insert messages directly into the public arena. Using safe, non-destructive putty for mounting, he took Dame Edna's message to the people where they live: the Westfield mall. As he put it:

"Westfield was involved in the retail portion of the WTC. Fifty days before 9/11, Silverstein Properties and Lowy’s Westfield America secured 99-year leases on the WTC. The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey turned control of the World Trade Center over to the private hands of Silverstein and Lowy on July 24, 2001."


A new Ron,ron,ron a new ron,ron said...

I don't really see the relevance of the Westfield thing?

Robb Zipp said...


Anonymous said...

fuckin photoshop, you fuckin liars this blog sucks so much, it is obvious its photoshop you looooooosers

Freewayblogger said...

Yeah, I guess it would have to be photoshopped, since actually putting up signs and posters would constitute acts of practically superhuman bravery as far as you're concerned. said...

Hey, just a heads-up that your signs are being put to good use, yet again.

Keep'em comin'!


Annie said...

Anonymous, punkin, you sound upset. Would you like to talk about it?

Love, Rita said...

I love this blog. I wish I had the balls to do what you do. I know in my heart that it's wrong to force democracy on cultures that have known only war for as far back as anyone can remember. They don't want to be democratic. And we are increasingly being seen as global playground bullies, as evidenced by increasing anti-American sentiment worldwide. Please continue your work, you speak for many more Americans than you can possibly imagine!

Anonymous said...

To anonymous who said you guys are liars I have this to say.

Doesn't really matter if it was photoshopped or not. The truth is clear. It was an inside job.

Here is some evidence on that. Check it out for yourself.

An influential group of prominent experts and scholars have joined together alleging that senior government officials have covered up crucial facts about what really happened on 9/11. The members of this new non-partisan association, "Scholars for 9/11 Truth" (S9/11T), are convinced their research proves the current administration has been dishonest with the nation about events in New York and Washington, D.C.

Brigham Young University (BYU) Professor Steven E. Jones who is a physics and astronomy professor speaks out. And again Stephen Jones speaks. And again.

A Stephen Jones seminar on video.

And then there's 9-11 TV

Along with many scholars who repudiate the "so-called" facts of 9-11.

PR Web Scholars Repudiate Official Version Of 9-11

Oh and I posted it on my site too at Hope you don't mind me using the picture. I attributed the finding of it to here.

God bless and have great day to all you freeway bloggers. I am just getting started at it. This place is an inspiration.

D said...

Y'notice how pretty much all the trolls are anonymous? And most of them sound like 14-year-olds who took a few minutes off playing a first-person shooter and calling everything "gay" long enough to regurgitate this garbage?

Just speaks to how "brave" they really are.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Damien who mentioned about how anonymous the trolls are. I deal with a lot of trolls on my site on a regular basis too. They regularly spew garbage, but they don't have enough guts to leave a name or a website or an email. Why is it whenever someone chooses to be incredibly nasty, that they don't have the guts or conviction to back up their words? They hide behind the oh-so-typical anonymous.

I have never blogged the freeway or any other public venue, but I am inspired by people like freeway blogger to write articles, and find the proof to expose this administrations scandals. I have been exposing corruption in print since May 2004. I at least have the guts to use my name, guts to sign my work and guts to put it up on my own dot com for the world to see. I also regularly download hard to find film on things like 9-11 and other scandals. I show them to anyone who will watch.

I think I am going to start handing out pamplets too, possibly with Dame Edna and some internet addresses for people to surf to study.

I was thinking how easy it would be to print stuff up and make copies to slip under people's windshields. That picture of her is so bright and colorful surely it would gather attention.

At my age and with my disabilities I couldn't blog the freeway, even if I wanted to. I couldn't run fast enough to get away. However, it would be easy enough to start shoving pamphlets on windshields in parking lots. That is what I am going to do. I have guts enough to do that. I will be the old gray haired windshield blogger down at the local supermarket.

I will have to send in some pictures of my work too. I have guts enough to do that.

I would much rather be someone who spoke out and took a stand when I die, than someone who never said anything, a chicken troll with no guts, who hides behind the moniker "anonymous".

I find this administrations behavior so horrid and so unconscionable that I must say something.

As "Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

Potencia Poder aka Static Brain