Saturday, March 25, 2006

Orange County, CA

“Usually I’ll go out and get a large stash of cardboard and then paint it white all at once. I paint the slogans as the inspiration comes, using colored poster paints. Although I get inspired on a lot of topics, I generally focus on the “impeach” message. Without Bush, after all, most of the other issues would probably iron themselves out. You’re right about the learning curve: once I’d established a couple of good posting spots, it became easy to keep an almost constant presence on the freeway. Signs that are just the least bit challenging to get to will stay up for days.

I’ve also been sticking up “IMPEACH” stickers, by the dozens, using Avery shipping labels, on bus stops and light poles, everywhere I park my car, or when I’m riding my bike. Can't say what, if any, effect this may have on things, but man it feels good to be part of the fight. Thanks for the Inspiration,
Orange County”

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Anonymous said...

As a veteran of four of this countrys wars, this war is the biggest lie ever told. now my son is envolved in Afghanistan and I am sick. What America needs is another revolution, or at least a drastic change of administration.
As a P.S., I read an extremely disturbing report on CNN (Time) about global warming. (Sunday March 26th)If you could use your considerable soapbox to say something about this issue I would appreciate it.
Your fan in Tulsa,