Thursday, March 16, 2006

Experts Agree!

Although highly effective in its ability to both demoralize and destroy, the problem with using high explosives against ground troops, whether dropped from airplanes or fired from ships or submarines, is that it’s murderous, cowardly bullshit: beneath not only the principles of this country but the principles of this species.

Believe it or not, there’s a good chance that even your most pro-war conservative neighbors feel the same way: just ask them what kind of bombing, if used against the United States, they wouldn’t consider to be murderous, cowardly bullshit, and rest your case.

I don’t care if it’s dropped out of an airplane or walking into a pizza parlor: Bombing is just bullshit. Oddly though, for all our freedom of information here, you don’t hear much of the “All Bombing is Just Murderous Cowardly Bullshit” school of thought in the media. Maybe that’s because the same people who bring you the media are also the ones making the bombs.


Anonymous said...

How are they going to shower us with flowers if they've used them all for the graves of their children?
A Seattle Freeway Blogger

arthbard said...

If anybody's interested, here's an article about international war protests. I bring it up only to point out the photo, where, unless I'm crazy, the silouhette on the signs of these Berlin protesters is from the Freewayblogger's own Iraq: The Musical. Just thought you might like to know your influence extends beyond this continent.

Anonymous said...

Is bombing as cowardly as pussing out in the middle of war time? What do dirtbaqs like you prefer, running at them with a bomb strapped to yourself shouting ALLAH!!!! Because if thats your idea of war, you should bee the first to sign up, to be brave enough to save america from evil doers such as yourself. Or is your idea of courage offering flowers to our enemy while kneeling? Because their is nothing braver than being an evil, treasonous hippocritic douchbag!!!