Tuesday, March 07, 2006

From Our Mailbag

New Jersey: New sign on I-295, Trenton, 10,000+ cars each day. Still up after 1 week. Thanks for the tip on the coat hangers...

Nashville: "This is one of two signs that remain on I-40 (White Bridge Rd.). They have been up for one day, now. Get used to it !! I hit the jackpot this time. Great visibilty; as the signs are luminated at nite., as well. More to follow, soon: I'm out to put the Music City on the blogging map..."

"Hey man, my name is Bryan, and I live in the city of fountains, good ol KansasCity Missouri. I stumbled onto your site through daily kos about threemonths ago, and brother, you've inspired me to no end! I've had it! I live in the metro area right smack in both sides of two blood red states. The monday after the superbowl, I went out with 15 signs, and hit 3 counties; 5 cities; 2 states. Signs went up on the 635, the 435, the I35, and the 71. 11 impeach signs, and 2 sets of the war is a lie...."

"Made 16 signs in ten minutes with a stencil and a can of spraypaint."
"Hey Freewayblogger, saw these outside of Providence, Rhode Island. Somebody's been busy..."


kim said...

very great!
I'm worried, though, about the one near the pink laddar(?). It looks as though it could fall down onto traffic below. Hazard?

Anonymous said...


the one you reffered to is actually a multi-story parking garage. rest assured that safety is my highest priority, the safety of my fellow people, and of the constitution. i used craft wire secured to rocks which i placed inside the garage, at ground level. the next day i went up and the wind had blown the sign inside, and it was rescued for another day. thanks, and take care!