Tuesday, March 14, 2006

More From Our Mailbag

Subj.: I Hope

I hope you thank our soldiers everyday. The ones who fought and died for your and my freedom to have free speech. Without them there wouldn't be a free Germany to begin with. Just how far would Japan have gone without them? When and where would Saddam have gone without them. We right wingers are so very glad that you nubies to the real world dont have a clue.


Reply: I Thank

Our soldiers so much I'm fighting to save their lives and limbs from being wasted any further by the murdering bastards you voted for. Where would Saddam be? Probably doing business with Dick Cheney like he was back in 1999... after he'd invaded Kuwait, after he'd gassed the Kurds, after he'd filled mass graves with the bodies of Shiites naive enough to believe Bush Sr. when he said we'd support them in an uprising.


There you go sport, from Newsmax, a good ol' right wing news source. That's your vice-president they're talking about, going around the UN embargo in order to suckle at the teat of Saddam himself. In 1999. And you voted for him, didn't you. And when George Bush forgot all about the man who murdered 3,000 innocent Americans, you probably didn't bat an eye. Hell, you probably still think Saddam was responsible for September 11th.

Happy Ramadan, Osama-lover. Real Americans have no use for you.

-Scarlet P.


Anonymous said...

thank you for your dissent. i am a viet nam veteran who has always supported political dissent and opposition at home. that is the true american way. grassroots, briefly eloquent demonstrations like yours have an impact. i saw an "osama bin forgotten" sign while driving in san diego recently and was given a small measure of spirit uplift. keep the faith, never shut up.

Sadie Baker said...