Thursday, October 19, 2006

Our Man in Atlanta

Hey Freewayblogger, Here's some pix of signs I put up last night in Atlanta. You're right: it's a blast. Any good ideas on how to stick signs up to concrete walls? special tape? Liquid nails maybe? I've got a 6' x 9' image of the Abu-Ghraib figure I want to put up and have just the right place for it...

Thanks for turning me on to this. It feels damn good to be able to reach so many people, and it is a hell of a rush, but at the same time I can't help feeling like Danny Glover in Lethal Weapon: "Man, I'm getting too old for this s__t."
- Atlanta

Dear Atlanta, Great Work, and thanks for having the guts to do it. Here are my thoughts on walls: if it's a retaining wall set way back from traffic, just keep the top flaps on the cardboard and hold it down with bricks/rocks etc. Forget glue, Liquid Nails, etc.: it's not worth the effort and could be considered vandalism. Blogs should be able to be removed without a trace or damage to property.

Remember that anything you can see while driving is a place you can put a sign and people are going to read it. You have hundreds of miles of trees, fencing and infrastructure to work with, so attempting tricky stuff like concrete walls is unnecessary. Your greatest strength is being able to strike anywhere, quickly, and at anytime. Any postings that make you feel like Danny Glover should be avoided.

Once you've posted a few more times and found a couple of good spots, you'll find it's pretty easy to cover a couple major freeways in just a few minutes time. The key to successful freewayblogging is economy of effort: striving to reach the very highest number of people with the least amount of effort on your part. Like Zen: Conserve your strength.

Whatever you do, Don't Burn Out: You're now the most widely-read political commentator in Atlanta that hasn't been bought-and-paid-for... so until others start doing it, that makes you the Voice of the People. So be proud, conserve your energy and above all, have fun. That might seem a bit superficial, but trust me, it's important. I've hung over three thousand of these things now, and there's no way I could've kept doing it if it wasn't a fuck of a lot of fun.

Skip the wall, use a fence, and if you want Sparky (my name for the Abu-Ghraib figure) to stay up, place him somewhere off to the side of the freeway, not directly on an overpass.

Don't stop.

-Scarlet P.

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Anonymous said...

REALLY nice signs! It's obvious that some talent and effort went into these. It makes them (in my opinion) more likely to be really looked at--more eye-catching--but also more likely to be torn to shreds by some foaming-at-the-mouth apoplectic NeoCon. That's part of it for much as I like the opportunity to reach out and touch a whole lot of people, there's a measure of fun in pissing off Conservatives, too. And, as Scarlet says, if it's fun, you'll paint more! Great going!

Mboniface said...

You know what's even more fun? Us NeoCons voting in BUSH and Republicans just to piss you liberals off!! Keep posting the signs though. I may not agree with what you say, but I'll defend to my death your right to say it.

Anonymous said...

Hey MBoniface,
First, thank you for your service. It bums me out that you still willingly support this President and administration. With the signing of the Military Commissions Act of 2006 on Tuesday, I sincerely hope in your service that you are never taken prisoner while in combat. We are no longer adhering to the Geneva Convention. Our country has taken a turn towards not cooperating with most of the world. The Bush Doctrine will ultimately be a lesson we'll be learning for many years. The war in Afghanistan? It was absolutely necessary. But Iraq? Well, we know what's happening there. The ideaology of the Right, the Neocons, looks good on paper. But can't you admit for a second that it's not working? James Baker now says victory is not attainable. That's James Baker of the first Bush administration. I've gone on enough. Thank you for supporting the right to free speech. And know that I sincerely hope for your safety as you serve our country.

Anonymous said...

Way to go ATLANTA! We do a lot in San Diego but have never done SPARKY. It is like a "runners high" when a good sign stays up for a while. I never get tired of it. We recently found an old sign of ours that was stabbed witht he knife still in it! That guys was reallt pissed.

D said...

I love how neotrolls are going to be voting for Shrubya not because they support him, but out of sheer spite.

Don't cut off your nose to spite your face, wingnut.