Saturday, July 28, 2007


Any Questions?


Monabona said...

Read about the unfortunate freeway bloggers in Illinois:

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Anonymous said...

^^There's a 75% chance that their judge or jury will be Anti-War

Anonymous said...

A+++ on your thesis!

What a great entry for the day.

Also, we've added your blog to the blogroll listing at bickerfest.

We won't be fully launched for a couple weeks or so, but please stop by for an argument or two when you get the chance.

Wrong-headed Bushco supporters are welcomed as well, but will be made fun of at every opportunity -- which will no doubt be often.

Anyway, Scarlet, your spirit is so encouraging that I'm personally making a solid commitment to myself to finally do some freeway blogging of my own by the end of August, hopefully sooner.

I've been admiring your work for many many months but there's always been one excuse or another for me not to get out there and do it like you do almost every single day.

And given the current state of the media and whatnot, your genius level thesis photo comparison has finally convinced me that NOT freeway blogging is a serious failing on my part.

Keep up the great work!

And don't let those fearmongering chickenhawks deter you one iota.

All they have to offer is cowardice, lies, and threats.

They're pretty much unfit to be called Americans.

Anonymous said...

Oops, I forgot to leave a link to the blogroll where you've been added:

Anonymous said...

Too bad about the Illinois freeway-bloggers, but obviously they shouldn't have gone back to retrieve their signs. There isn't anyone on earth who is so poor they can't sacrifice a sign or two whenever they do this. You can pull all the cardboard you need out of dumpsters, and how much could a little paint cost? I'm sorry, but that was not smart.

WeezieLou said...

this made me laugh - thanks!