Monday, July 09, 2007

These are the signs I put up today.

Photos from San Francisco unless otherwise indicated.

Each of these signs was placed so as to be visible to high-volume freeway traffic on the 80, 280, 17, 880, 1 and 101. In all probability they've been seen by upwards of half a million people by now.

In order to place signs effectively all you need to do is drive around and see what you can see. Those are the places you can put a sign and it'll be read. The more difficult they are to reach, the longer they'll stay up. The longer they stay up, the more people will read them.

A single sign placed next to a major freeway can be read by over 200,000 people per day. There is no better way for a single individual to reach a mass-audience than this.

But first you have to
paint the signs.

"They sentenced me to twenty years of boredom...
Trying to change the system from within.

I'm coming now, I'm coming to reward them.
First, we take Manhattan... then we take Berlin."
-Leonard Cohen

Best Freewayblogging Song Ever.

USA - 1072
FB - 1028


Anonymous said...

My favorite freewayblogging song is Spearhead's "Yell Fire".

A revolution never come with a warning
A revolution never sends you an omen
A revolution just arrived like the morning
Ring the alarm we come to wake up the snoring

They tellin' you to never worry about the future
They tellin' you to never worry about the torture
They tellin' you that you'll never see the horror
Spend it all today and we will bill you tomorrow
Three piece suits and bank accounts in Bahamas
Wall street crime will never send you to the slammer
Tell all the children in the arms of their mummas
The F-15 is a homocide bomber

TV commercials for a pop a pill culture
Drug companies circle in like a vulture
Amer-raqi babies with a G.I. Joe father
Ten years from now is anybody gonna bother?

Yell Fire, yo, yo, yo
Here we come here we come
Fire, yo, yo , yo, yo
Revolution a comin'
Fire, yo, yo, yo, yo
Fire, yo, yo, yo, yo

Everyone addicted to the same nicotine
Everyone addicted to the same gasoline
Everyone addicted to a technicolour screen
Everybody tryin' to get their hands on the same green
From the banks of the river to the banks of the greedy
All of the riches taken back by needy
We come from the country and we come from the city
You play us on the record, you can play us on the CD
All the shit you've given us is full of lies
The seeds that we planted you can never brutalize them
Tell the corporation they can never globalize it
Like Peter Tosh said "Legalize It!"
Girls and boys hear the bass and treble
Rumble in the speakers and it make you wanna rebel
Throw your hands up, take it to another level
And you can never, ever, ever make a deal with the devil

Yell Fire, yo, yo, yo
Here we come here we come
Fire, yo, yo, yo, yo
Revolution a comin'
Fire, yo, yo, yo, yo
Fire, yo, yo, yo, yo

Anonymous said...

I love your site! I was inspired on July 4th and stood on the corner of Portola and O'Shannesy with a sign
Honk to Impeach. I was attacked by one bush supporter but I got some enthusiastic honks. I can send you the video.