Friday, July 20, 2007

Ohio Saves the Day!

Scarlet -
It was more of the same from the Ohio group last night - started at midnight and went for about three and a half hours. Put up a total of 43 signs, including 4 that were recycled from the last outing (I love salvaging signs that the disgruntled repubs don't destroy - they just leave them on the ground for our next go around.) Sorry I don't have pictures of them on fence, I had to grab a couple hours of sleep this morn and get back to work.

We hit Akron pretty good - lots of spots we hadn't hit previously. If you saw any of these signs by Route 8 or Interstate 76, you can thank S. J., J., and K. - the full "Ohio Crew". Get used to it Akron, we'll be visiting again real soon! Gotta keep the USA's lead...

Peace, Ohio

Dear Ohio... BASTARDS! I was SO CLOSE!

Don't sweat the individual pix too much, the group photos are good enough. Just so people know that the things are being painted. Do consider bringing a pocket cam out with you and try to snap a couple pix from different angles up close - even at night - sometimes you can get some pretty cool pictures just by accident, although I know it adds a couple of seconds to the process. The more I get into this the more I'm starting to enjoy the photography aspect. You'll see.

What's important now is to find you guys a cooler name than "Ohio Crew".

Yours Truly,
Scarlet "I Have Not Yet Begun To Fight" P.

USA - 1187
FB - 1143


Anonymous said...

four lead in O-hi-o...

Anonymous said...

led, even


Anonymous said...

You Buckeye Bloggers are a force to be reckoned with. I'm trying to put up a few signs a day here in the DC area. If only I had a group working with me!


Anonymous said...

I saw the SIGN at the Kent Festival on Saturday 7-7-07 - it said AT LEAST NIXON RESIGNED. I was so excited! It was awesome!

- Sarah from Akron

end of silence said...

How do you do 43 signs in 3 1/2 hours? I'd love to know! I haven't gotten the speed thing right. Do you just pull over on the overpass and get out? I have to park nearby, if there is such a thing, and walk to the bridge. Maybe it's the way our streets and highways work here in the NYC area, but I can only do about 6 signs an hour, and that's if I am doing both directions of the same overpass. -Star