Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Pretty Pictures from Seattle

I've been dreaming about hitting this spot ever since I saw it last year. Perfectly banner-sized fencing, flush with a row of hedges, directly over the I-90 heading into Seattle from Redmond. Getting there from the street requires little more than a fifty foot walk and ducking through some bushes. Getting there from the freeway, however, is impossible.

Aurora Pedestrian Walkway over I-405

I-405/Hwy 520

Saw this by a ped overpass on the 405. It was the remains of a sign done in my font and style, but I couldn't remember ever having been there. Closer inspection revealed use of an industrial type duct-tape I'd never used before, so it was definitely a copycat - made my day. I was going to do an impeach sign, but did this one instead:

I took off early in the day and spent the afternoon relaxing. I'd have posted more, but since practically all my signs from the past two days were still standing, so I figured I could take a break. It was an absolutely gorgeous day.

USA - 999
FB - 955


Anonymous said...

Keep it up! Drop a few in Olympia on your way back south!!

Anonymous said...

thanks for visiting our fair city! hope you get a chance to visit some of the outlying areas as well.

beachblogger said...

dear scarlet,

wow! that last picture would make a great postcard!

peace, peter

Anonymous said...

What happened to the giant TWIAL?