Thursday, June 28, 2007

Border to Border: Bellingham WA

Bellingham WA: The end of the trail was a driveway off a quiet suburban street into a compound filled with laughing children, flowers and trees. Meeting our contest winner was as close to meeting an old friend as I've ever felt with a stranger.

We sat and talked for a bit and then got down to business: putting paint on cardboard. I broke out the overhead projecter and he showed me his roller/stencil method:

Some folks showed up from Whatcom County Peace and Justice with beer. I traced while they painted.
When time came to hit the overpasses our merry crew tended to dawdle a bit to wave and elicit honks. This is not always such a good idea.

After hitting a couple of overpasses and some side fencing, we all went out for dinner and speculated on what effect garlic might have on the Vice-President and where he kept his coffin.

It's been a long and fun but grueling trip from San Diego, and when I rolled into my final destination I was exhausted. Meeting the good people of Bellingham was a real leaven though - recharging the batteries just enough for the long road back home.

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