Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Freewayblogging Gold

One of the more awesome aspects of this job is getting to see high-visibility blogs still up after 24 hours. The one above, for example, caught the eye of pretty much everyone heading south on Interstate 5 in the very heart of the LA/Orange County corridor last weekend, while the one below (before and after) caught pretty much everyone going north.

The above sign, also on the 5, may well stay there for weeks. It was slipped between a gap in fencing at the far end of an Office Depot parking lot where it fell into no-man's land: the space between fences and walls.

This spot may look familiar to readers of this blog. It's in a construction zone next to the 405 between Venice and National, some of the very densest traffic in LA, and visible to pretty much everyone heading south during the daylight hours: well over a hundred thousand people per day. When I started posting there I fully expected the signs to come down once the construction workers came back on site - instead they've been staying up for weeks, even months. The only explanation for this is that everyone on the construction crews wants him out too.

The two signs above stayed up for 24 hours on the Encino Ave. pedestrian overcrossing next to the 101 in the San Fernando Valley, where signs usually have a much shorter duration. Using the sides of overpasses usually extends their life many times over putting them right in the middle. These two, highly visible to both east and westbound traffic, required a fourteen foot walk from my truck and 30 seconds of posting time. Some two hundred thousand people probably saw them, while I was there and gone in a minute.

24 hours plus next to the 101 by the 405 split, visible to ten, possibly twelve lanes of high-density traffic.

My favorite tree. Park at the Denny's on Sunset, go around the fence and take a two-minute walk through the ivy: whatever you put there may well be seen over a million times.

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Anonymous said...

this is Jerry.. is it legal ?
we would like to tell a friend to
go ahead and do this ... but he is
worried of the cops stopping you.
Unless you did it at night or fsst
and get the hell out of there.
what's your suggestion.

Freewayblogger said...

I've found that if you do it front of cops they stop you. Otherwise there seems to be no problem.