Monday, June 25, 2007

Adventures in Seattle

I left Portland and headed north, leaving a trail of free-speech breadcrumbs along the way. The I-5 corridor didn't stand a chance: nothing but fencing and flyaway ramps and, like Portland, a gallery of freeway overlooks that can only be reached by those who really, really tried.

My assault was two-pronged, hitting first the freeways then the airwaves
thanks to fifth-columnists of the Jewish Liberal Media. Enraged callers branded me a criminal, impotently vowing revenge: all but Sound and Fury, signifying nothing. Until they catch me, all they can do is take down my signs, and the next day as I swept back through the town I found they couldn't even manage that.

Taking shelter in a safehouse of fellow partisans
I conducted a Free Speech Madrassa the results of which can be seen below.

(Note clever coded message for Microsoft employees.)

Best to remain sleepless, Seattle... I'm not done with you yet.

USA - 999
FB - 949

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