Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Border to Border: Los Angeles

If I lived in LA I'd do nothing but freewayblog. Just paint signs at night and drive around all day sticking them up: I'd be able to reach ten million people within a week. I probably reached two million just passing through.

I'm hard pressed to think of land more widely seen and less cared about than the freewaysides of LA: thousands of miles of no-man's land, seen by millions but frequented only by taggers and the homeless: you can wander around there forever without being bothered. The denser the traffic, the more forlorn and neglected the land surrounding it.

Apart from our nuclear arsenal, I can't think of a better example of our mass-insanity than an LA traffic jam: thousands and thousands of cars packed together, crawling along at 4 miles per hour, spewing out poison straight into the air... like prisoners filling the gas chambers of our own executions.

If we'd had any kind of leadership in this country, the first thing they'd have done is figure out a way of to move cars at low speeds without running their engines - a simple electric motor would probably do the trick.

Maybe now that all the glaciers are melting, Detroit will pull some of their best and brightest off cupholder detail and get to work on it.

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Anonymous said...

ELECTRIC MOTOR CARS (AND HOMES), INDEED, with solar surfaces composed of this:
instead of gassing ourselves with oil paid for in blood.