Saturday, April 15, 2006


Rumsfail (rums´ fāl), v., 1) To self-destruct, melt-down or implode under the weight of one's own arrogance. 2) To fail spectacularly, particularly in matters of warfare or diplomacy; to plunge into chaos. 3) Absolute, unmitigated disaster of national or international proportions and consequence; policy failure so utterly abject and miserable as to approach the realm of the epic.

"Power is the best aphrodisiac." - Henry Kissinger
"Just look at the carpet-bombing of Cambodia to
see what it took for him to get it up..." -Lily Tomlin
One of the most horrific things I've ever heard in my life was a piece on NPR about Donald Rumsfeld visiting Iraq. One of the soldiers interviewed described Rumsfeld being shown a film montage of the war effort, and then played a clip of it for the reporter. There was no narration, just a soundtrack, the "Carmina Burana" by Carl Orff, (more generally known as the theme to "The Omen"), which let you know right away what he was watching: he was watching shit getting blown up.
If you don't know the piece of music I'm talking about, go listen to it. Listen to it with your eyes closed and picture Donald Rumsfeld sitting in a dark room somewhere in the Green Zone, perhaps with a couple of soldiers and handlers, watching a film about Iraq with that for a soundtrack. Keep that image in mind because, if it's true, it's all you need to know about Donald Rumsfeld. In fact, old men in dark rooms watching snuff films to the "Carmina Burana" could very well be all you need to know about the war.


sumo said...

I'm outraged! That music is too beautiful for the likes of 'him' to listen to in that manner. Sacrilege... and I don't mean that in a religious way either. Squinty eyed old monkey!

Annie said...

Moloch is pleased with this administration.

PTCruiser said...

Rumsfailed...hmmm. That has a nice ring to it. Thanks, Scarlet.