Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Eugene, El Cajon, Tacoma

Eugene, OR


blurbees.com said...

Hey,how about sign-making parties?

You organize people in your area to brainstorm, scout out, and gather up all of the good sources of cardboard in the area -- and then once a week you get together and paint up a storm. Over a few beers and pizza and whatnot.

Then, the most athletic of the bunch, can concentrate on placement.


BTW: Your new uffpo site didn't offend me. I've thought about the issue a lot, and have come to the conclusion that its the women herslf who has to make the final decision and live with any and all consequences to that choice. It's nobody else's business except the woman and God (until the child is no longer a unique living being who is no longer a part of her body). Bringing in scientific advancements into the moral equation seems highly hypocritical, to say the very least.

Born catholic. Living in one of God's worlds, trying very hard never to piss God off, to the best of my flawed abilities.

blurbees.com said...

Corrected for delerious all-nighter work session impairment-style writing:

"It's nobody else's business except the woman and God's (until the child is no longer a part of her body and is a separate unique living being)."

That said, if I were the father of the potentially born unique individual child, depending on the stage of the pregnancy, I would try to persuade the women to not abort it, to the best of my ability, in the nicest possible loving way. Not at gunpoint, that's for sure. And certainly not threatening her with the death penalty if she chose to abort her pregnancy.

And if it's truly murder, that would be the only possible penalty. That, or life in prison without parole, of course. Because if a mother can't be trusted to not kill her own child, she can never live as a free person again, right?

Which only goes to show you how dishonest those rabid anti-choice people are because you never hear them follow-up with the inevitable "moral imperative" consquences of criminalizing abortion on the basis of it being the actual murder of an innocent individual human being.

They simply can't have it both ways. Not possible.