Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Keep 'em coming folks...

Best to speak up now, before
the bastards nuke Iran.


Bejammin075 said...

Hi FB,

I'm the guy who proposed the mega highway signs, that are meant to be robust, permanent signs that are deployed while the protesters stand and prop up the sign.

things are comming along. i've got the sign construction figured out. after walking around Low's for a couple hours, beating my head against the wall, i figured it out.

the signs are made of 4' x 4' pegboard, PVC pipes and connectors, PVC cement, long wooden poles, & lots of cable ties all over the place. the cable ties make good hinges for the 4 x 4 pegboard. a pipe cutter comes in handy. i'm not going into detail here, but i'll keep you posted on how it goes. oh yeah - the paint. my wife works for a chemical company that does stuff with paint. she got me a 5 gallon pail of white roof paint, so it's gloppy enough to fill in most of the holes in the pegboard on the first coat. a second coat completely fills in the holes. i have to put it on with a trowel to push the paint into the holes. i'm lucky to get this paint - it's very viscous and thick, and even a contractor might not be able to get this. the signs are an investment, but the signs will be re-usable.

this is how it will work: each sign will be 4 of the 4x4 boards, so a 4' x 16' sign is the basic unit. right now i've got enought materials for 2 of the above signs. 1 message can be put across the 2 signs, with the intent that they stand right next to eachother. 4 feet tall happens to be exactly the maximum optimal hight of the signs, given the measurements of the chain link fence at the highway i will go to.

with the 4 boards on each sign hinged with the cable ties, the sign can fold up. when sign is deployed & fully extended, i have 4 robust wooden poles slide into place: 2 vertically, 1 at each end, so that you just have to balance the sign, rather than hold it up. the wood poles slide into PVC pipe that is firmly strapped to the sign with numerous cable ties. I have "T" and "+" shaped PVC connectors also on the back of the sign, and the other 2 wood poles slide in horizontally to make the sign rigid with no flexing. After taking a few seconds to slide in the 4 poles, you've got an instant billboard. these things are damn heavy though.

see the picture in this blog entry that has the "impeach" sign behind the fence, above the milege sign for Gladstone & Oregon City? that looks similar to the size of fence i'll be behind. the letters will take up the whole height of the fence.

i'm not done getting the signs put together. when they are, and i paint them, if i want to change the message, i can paint white over the old letters and then paint a new message (it's not that it takes that much time to construct these signs. with a 1 year old, and the Bush economy keeping me busy, i just don't have a lot of free time).

i'll let you know how it goes (& get pictures).

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see the pix!