Saturday, November 08, 2008

What Do We Do With W?

‘What Do We Do With George W. Bush?’
Robert Corsini


Although Barack Obama consistently drew large crowds throughout his campaign, measured in the tens and even hundred of thousands, it must be remembered that the Pro-Peace movement consistently drew similar sized crowds across the country before the invasion of Iraq even started. ‘Dissent Is Patriotic’ Thomas Jefferson once pronounced and it does make a difference. The 2004 Republican Convention in NYC for example, drew massive demonstrations against Bush Administration and 'their' war that clogged streets in numbers that defied tabulation. There is a causal relationship between the size and breadth of the Peace movement and Obama’s election that mainstream media and the Democrats do not like to talk about. Had Obama not been on the right side of the war debate, he never would have had the motivated base he needed to win. Now that same base will be clamoring to hold the Bush Administration accountable.

It’s been just a few days now. The pandemic euphoria of the Obama victory has only been slightly tempered by the news of massive job losses and unemployment claims. Errant military operations massacring scores of innocents in Afghanistan; The impending collapse of Pakistani civil society; And of course, all the new talk of neo-Nazi plotting within the US -- What truly would have been profound elation on my part, witnessing as we did the ascension of an African American to the Presidency of the United States of America, has been muted by reality. We live in precarious times. But the question lingering in the air like a pulse of methane remains, what do we do with George W. Bush?

On January 20, 2009 the President that Americans love to hate, leaves office. The object of profound disdain from all around the world will exit the White House with his wife Laura (maybe) and attack hound Barney under his arm. At the taxpayers’ expense, he'll get into an airplane for destinations unknown - perhaps Dubai - leaving behind a legacy of global catastrophe that redefines ‘biblical’ scale. It’s abundantly clear to the world and at least 50% of the American population that George W. Bush and Dick Cheney participated in criminal conspiracies that have delivered us the ‘War On Terror’, the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq, economic collapse, torture, post-Katrina chaos, domestic spying -- the list of failures and crimes is as long as the President’s face. Bush has literally been responsible for destroying millions of human lives and wreaking havoc inside of foreign nations far and wide. He is and will always be remembered in history as a destroyer. A harbinger of global disunity. A tyrant.

So, what do we do with George W. Bush?

Impeach? Indict? Prosecute? Release? Pardon? Forget about? In some countries like Iraq – they simply hang their tyrants. If you thought the trial of Saddam Hussein was a circus, just wait til you get a load of George W. Bush in the docket. But where? And tried by whom? Fellow Americans? The French or Iraqis? God forbid the United Nations! And the obvious issue for President Elect Obama -- how can he display reverence for a former President who has committed so many crimes? How will he direct his Justice Department when the tsunami of post-Bush investigations, litigations and expansive revelations starts flooding the courts, halls of Congress and multi-media platforms? Does Obama have enough political capital to prosecute a former President for high crimes and misdemeanors?

Although President Elect Obama has stated that stabilizing the economic meltdown is his first order of business, the question of accountability in the American system across all sectors, including the Presidency, must be addressed quickly and honestly because they are intrinsically connected. The people of the world, including those who reside in America , have seen notions of justice and constitutionality dismembered and shredded at the hands of George W. Bush. America is being given a chance to redeem herself in the eyes of the world with Obama – but if justice is not rendered, balance cannot be achieved.

The Obama honeymoon was over before it ever started. Holding the Bush Administration to account must be a priority from the moment he steps into the Oval Office or he risks losing the credibility he needs to be the global leader and visionary we need him so desperately to be. Perhaps Nelson Mandela might have some suggestions on how to navigate these treacherous waters?
Dissent is Patriotic Part One


Anonymous said...

I found a new shirt that I plan on wearing. You will appreciate!

Freewayblogger said...

That is funny! Although it does seem to make white people seem awfully cringing, craven and sycophantic... (go ahead, look them up, I'll wait...)

And Kudos to you for taking that big step in wearing it. Now, if you can just work up the guts to take that next Big Step and leave your apartment...

Anonymous said...

You do realize the Negro will not be ending the war, right? Will you rail against him then? My guess is no, because you are a diehard partisan. Whatever the Negro says goes! Way to be consistant!

Freewayblogger said...

Partisan? Me? Gosh anonymous, now that you mention it, I guess I AM a partisan - a partisan liberal democrat. Did you figure that out all by yourself?

Provided you ever leave your apartment, I think you're going to find there's a lot of us now. Everywhere. All over the world in fact. This is the price your party's paying for hitching your wagon to the star of a lifelong failure with a famous last name.

I know your side doesn't read much, but if it did it'd discover that one of the major points of the American Revolution was to abolish the monarchy. Familiarizing yourselves with some of the basic precepts of the nation might come in handy next election cycle.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous coward, why do you continually refer to Your Next President as "the Negro"? Are you afraid of admitting he might be - get this - a person like you or me?

Or are you jut a racist shitbag?

I'm guessing, based on the way you act, that you're the latter, and thus are an evolutionary throwback.